How We Accidentally Discovered ANT # 555 and Made History

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We made history in the world of science last week and had no idea! A mystery ant I spotted in my yard didn't happen to match scientific records in the global ant species catalogue. However, when we sent some specimens to the top ant biologist and taxonomist in the country Dr. David General, what he revealed to us was mind-blowing. Meet Ant # 555! Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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    Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family and thank you for watching! I can’t believe all of this has happened! We did this together! If you enjoyed this news and the video, hope you remember to hit the LIKE button, SHARE the video, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and Select ALL for Notifications Squad) to join the AC Family! Ant Love Forever! Also, hit LIKE for the option below for the name(s) you choose for the wild Marauder Ant population of Antopia:

    1. Kally Moon
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      Congratulations, you've made one of your dreams! Keep going with this incredible content, also, be knowing that even kids watches your channel

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      The collosals sounds cool

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      @AntsCanada This. IS. SPARTA!

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      I remember when you kept ants in a plastic container, now your discovering new species yet you’re as humble as ever

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      Ac fan did you know he live in fillipine

  2. SicFromTheKush
    2 dagen geleden

    I think its important to say that to have that 45-50 percent chance of discovery, youd have to explore different regions and evironments in your country, not merely wander around your property. Not saying its gonna be that hard to discover a new ant, but you shouldnt limit yourself to the yard

  3. T. Colony
    T. Colony
    4 dagen geleden

    That species are Meranoplus bicolor

  4. Sarah's video logs
    Sarah's video logs
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    Nakaka proud! Nanunuod lang ako dati pero parang feeling ko ngayon naka discover na din ako ng bagong species ng ants! Sorry for the late comment 🙏🏻

  5. Tenebris
    7 dagen geleden

    Wait.. something just clicked in my brain.. any starwars prequel lover that know clonewars should know who fives is right? This ant species would be the "fives" of the collective ants in his region!

  6. Tenebris
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    Now this, is an epic ant gamer moment!

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    I saw that ant in my back yard, had no clue it was a new ant species

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    It can be called murder ants tena

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    Bro this guy should catch all the queens he finds like pokemon Oh and I remember watching you 2 years ago. Keep doing the good work and don't give up!!!

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    Where are you based, because the Orient isn’t nearby Canada?

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    This makes me think that I've probably stepped on an undiscovered ant species

  23. Jakul Zalsalani
    Jakul Zalsalani
    2 maanden geleden

    So, one google search will tell u its meranoplus bicolor...title is so clickbait. Its not even a possible discovery. The only discovery made is that it cam be found as an invasive species in the philippines. I love mikey. But clickbait is clickbait.

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    This guy could make a series on a single banana, and it would be interesting

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    Your reaction to clickbait claims are so gratifying to hear, I love your take on it!

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    Jess Lorimer
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    When I was little, I would let ants climb over my hands and when they bit me I would cry but keep going LOL-

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      Calm down. I live near a stadium and when they started building it it looked very messy.

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      Poke 1 Fan
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  44. Ruby and Alex,s Fun World
    Ruby and Alex,s Fun World
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  53. Bananasuar
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    I have seen this new species of ant in my backyard😅

  55. Evelyn Lamoy
    Evelyn Lamoy
    3 maanden geleden

    Superficially, 555 looks near identical to the Meranoplus bicolor. Rather than It being a pre-existing species, or an entirely new one, we may be dealing with something in the middle. an isolated population that has become genetically distinct but is not yet qualified as a distinct species. If they haven't been sighted in your country previously, that may be what it is. If that proves to be the case, its probably a Meranoplus Bicolor offshoot. Meranoplus Bicolor ACfamilius

  56. Aran O'Neill
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  57. Richard Orta
    Richard Orta
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    8:20 i think this is where it REALLY starts (if you have watch the last vid......) cuz its repeating

    1. 小白羊
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      so thats why this ant looks familiar, because I live in Malaysia =-=, well good luck

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  72. ThomasRichardHaroldson
    3 maanden geleden

    There is a third possibility with new sightings of ants in neighbouring countries: they could have migrated naturally and so technically be invasive, just not introduced by humans. This is in fact how the whole planet came to be populated by various creatures in the first place…

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    Sciatic Dragon66
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