I Caught A Fire Ant Queen And She Laid Eggs

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I caught a new queen fire ant and she's already laid eggs. She's a beautiful queen ant, however I already own a pet fire ant colony and I fear letting her go back into the wild might not be ecologically prudent, seeing as fire ants are invasive where I live. Should we keep a second pet fire ant colony? I will need your help deciding what to do with this new queen fire ant of ours. Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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  1. lip lipper
    lip lipper
    17 uur geleden

    let the 2 colonys have a maidenflight togheter and make a alfa colony with multiple queens.

  2. Lakshmi K
    Lakshmi K
    Dag geleden

    Don't kill her or eales

  3. Ma. Elena Divinagracia
    Ma. Elena Divinagracia
    2 dagen geleden

    Watch me keeping an ant colony name Rock Roll Because hmmm... idk nlrock.info/loft/video/mYmtla-ejMq-mIM

  4. creeper gamez
    creeper gamez
    4 dagen geleden

    hi ants canada I have a fire ant queen to and he had some few eggs

  5. Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones
    4 dagen geleden

    nlrock.info/loft/video/h2-mpnm6itTTgmI you probably are already aware of this great documentary on Fire ants from an engineers perspective.

  6. Sharan Quiett
    Sharan Quiett
    5 dagen geleden

    Fire ants bite

  7. Sharan Quiett
    Sharan Quiett
    5 dagen geleden

    When the eggs hatch they become her children also called babies

  8. Sharan Quiett
    Sharan Quiett
    5 dagen geleden

    Queen ants like there space alone

  9. Sharan Quiett
    Sharan Quiett
    5 dagen geleden

    Queen ants don't like company while she is egg laying

  10. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
    8 dagen geleden

    A Bugz Life 🐜.. nlrock.info/loft/video/Z6uAmIbZr86woJU

  11. Tina Sally
    Tina Sally
    9 dagen geleden

    I would not have the heart to kill her, but if someone wanted her or keep her would be my choices.

  12. Creative Minds Gaming
    Creative Minds Gaming
    11 dagen geleden

    keep them and name them "Blazing Nation"

  13. Krista hathaway
    Krista hathaway
    11 dagen geleden

    Not kill

  14. Ghost Slasher
    Ghost Slasher
    14 dagen geleden

    Antscanada pls respond I found a queen with a not large middle part and a big ghaster and was under a rock laying trying to make a nest what should I do?

  15. AnakinTalks
    15 dagen geleden

    I say keep her for backup bc you said it might not be possible to keep the current colony during the big move the the new ant house

  16. Carlie Bartle Star Director - Scentsy Consultant
    Carlie Bartle Star Director - Scentsy Consultant
    16 dagen geleden


  17. Vincent Barton
    Vincent Barton
    19 dagen geleden

    you backup plan

  18. i i
    i i
    22 dagen geleden

    Call them the evergreen warriors since you found the queen in a forest that looked to be green and maybe call the queen mielle

  19. 1klkarate
    22 dagen geleden


  20. Sophie Lee
    Sophie Lee
    22 dagen geleden


  21. james peterson
    james peterson
    23 dagen geleden

    please keep the new ant queen it would make very good content

  22. Banana Will win the war
    Banana Will win the war
    23 dagen geleden

    Team back up plan

  23. Zoë Jade
    Zoë Jade
    23 dagen geleden

    Darn I wouldn't even think of killing or putting her up for food, because now you've given her a spotlight, she's precious, I want you to keep her!!!

  24. William Armstrong
    William Armstrong
    23 dagen geleden

    Food from the Nanites or the soup made from their previous wing area

  25. William Armstrong
    William Armstrong
    23 dagen geleden

    Name her Burning Beauty

    1. William Armstrong
      William Armstrong
      23 dagen geleden

      Also keep and make the vertical ant house with this colony or the trap jaws

  26. cherry blossom
    cherry blossom
    23 dagen geleden


  27. matthew gibbons
    matthew gibbons
    24 dagen geleden

    She produces wing mussel soup

  28. matthew gibbons
    matthew gibbons
    24 dagen geleden


  29. heathwashere
    24 dagen geleden

    My camponautus Queen is taking soooo long but the nanitics are almost here!

  30. JB Dragons
    JB Dragons
    24 dagen geleden

    she gives then regurgitated food or fat and muscles of a kind of soup

  31. JB Dragons
    JB Dragons
    24 dagen geleden

    I vote keep!

  32. OneGirl’sVoice Kayla
    OneGirl’sVoice Kayla
    24 dagen geleden

    keep or rehome

  33. Melchi Kambal
    Melchi Kambal
    25 dagen geleden

    I like to keep it

  34. Epic Pumpkin
    Epic Pumpkin
    25 dagen geleden


  35. Zombie Man R.S.
    Zombie Man R.S.
    28 dagen geleden

    My son just got on his bus to go to school. Time to go home and eat, get my glasses and test tubes and search for a queen!!!!! 😁😁

  36. Frieda Kiezebrink
    Frieda Kiezebrink
    29 dagen geleden

    Make someone else happy with her, not kill her.

  37. jaiden buff
    jaiden buff
    Maand geleden

    Keep the ants plz

  38. Jadiel V
    Jadiel V
    Maand geleden


  39. ZEDS’ Zenith
    ZEDS’ Zenith
    Maand geleden

    Ember Empress!!

  40. Rain Justin Santos
    Rain Justin Santos
    Maand geleden

    Call her apple

  41. Animalboy YT
    Animalboy YT
    Maand geleden

    The name should be the broken crown because she will die soon :(

  42. orlando Bello
    orlando Bello
    Maand geleden


  43. Jaycee Meadows
    Jaycee Meadows
    Maand geleden


  44. AkarixEdits
    Maand geleden

    We should call it the "Ruby ________" and name her Cherry

  45. emma kako
    emma kako
    Maand geleden


  46. al3xdplays
    Maand geleden


  47. The immortal Gamer
    The immortal Gamer
    Maand geleden

    Keep for a back up colony just in case the pheinix empire dies out

  48. Yash
    Maand geleden


  49. Recep Oğuzhan Akbaş
    Recep Oğuzhan Akbaş
    Maand geleden

    "ANTANA" which means mother(ana) ant

  50. jack hermon
    jack hermon
    Maand geleden


  51. Lourilie Mae Ocao
    Lourilie Mae Ocao
    Maand geleden

    Keep them plzzzzzzz incase the feonix empire dies

  52. Kevin
    Maand geleden

    Keep the queen ant

  53. james ryan ricablanca
    james ryan ricablanca
    Maand geleden

    Keep and ants are so satisfied

  54. Jordi Uganda
    Jordi Uganda
    Maand geleden

    New colony!!! It’s like returning to the origins!!

  55. Robloxsometightthing
    Maand geleden

    I wish i got queen ant ):

  56. Jose Mena
    Jose Mena
    Maand geleden

    Keep them

  57. David Farrow
    David Farrow
    Maand geleden

    Feed her to the fish😈

  58. Kerry Cail
    Kerry Cail
    Maand geleden

    Name them the fire ant killer machines

  59. Gabriel Schneider
    Gabriel Schneider
    Maand geleden

    Keep it please!!! Or give it to a trusted friend or follower

  60. shelby brown
    shelby brown
    Maand geleden

    You can try your best to keep the fire ants I know you can

  61. shelby brown
    shelby brown
    Maand geleden

    We should name her chili that thinks that might be a good name

  62. shelby brown
    shelby brown
    Maand geleden

    Keeping the firework clean would be the best idea or not

  63. -Death-Nøte-
    Maand geleden

    I really love ants since I was a kid

  64. Michelle Carremans
    Michelle Carremans
    Maand geleden


  65. Bocaj
    Maand geleden

    I think we should call her ‘the burning empress’

  66. Bird
    Maand geleden

    Excited that i managed to find lots of queens after finding this channel! I was shocked to find 11 lasius alienus queens along with a carpenter queen. Awesome content and even more awesome Ants! Keep up the great work

  67. animals and insects
    animals and insects
    Maand geleden


  68. grunt Gaming (but dead in a cool way)
    grunt Gaming (but dead in a cool way)
    Maand geleden

    The nutship

  69. GamingwithLava
    Maand geleden

    Its too cruel to kill that queen ant

  70. Alexavier Roof
    Alexavier Roof
    Maand geleden


  71. Yasir Hussainp to bep the best wqaqwwees
    Yasir Hussainp to bep the best wqaqwwees
    Maand geleden

    I tried to get a queen but didnt get it

  72. Selina Aslan
    Selina Aslan
    Maand geleden

    Please keep them

  73. Selina Aslan
    Selina Aslan
    Maand geleden


  74. Susie Swinney
    Susie Swinney
    Maand geleden

    Let her go with her kin if they choose to bring her in then a cool hybrid option to just bring her into the Phoenix colony and if they dont it fuel theem either way thats the best option so you dont have to kill her and if they want to kill her that not on you

  75. Shelly Hamilton Berger
    Shelly Hamilton Berger
    Maand geleden


  76. Thiago Alexander
    Thiago Alexander
    Maand geleden

    Ants Canada can u help where to find a ant to I buy pls want a queen which is not so aggressive and not produce too much ants ant lover forever

  77. jingkang wu
    jingkang wu
    Maand geleden

    Idk why keeping 2 colonies of the same ant species is out of the question

  78. Stephen Adkins
    Stephen Adkins
    Maand geleden


  79. mdouglas7842
    Maand geleden


  80. hanpain
    Maand geleden

    Keeper them please because youl need to give away the phoenix empire

  81. rowa8730 rowa8730
    rowa8730 rowa8730
    Maand geleden

    keep them and call the ants The Dragon Fighters

  82. Hadi Zahran
    Hadi Zahran
    Maand geleden


  83. NotJervi
    Maand geleden

    My queen dont lay egg even my queen is like that

  84. Ricky235 R
    Ricky235 R
    Maand geleden

    I caught a fire ant queen yesterday (with wings) she was in my pool I took her out and put her in a test tube setup, she removed her wings last night can’t wait for the first few workers!

  85. Antkiller53
    Maand geleden

    squish those eggs. SQUISH them all before it's too late.

  86. Baylee Nicole
    Baylee Nicole
    Maand geleden

    Ouch seeing your hand all bit up and hearing your cons :( THAT'S ROUGH

  87. Pebbles Pebbles
    Pebbles Pebbles
    Maand geleden

    I would have called her cherry bomb

  88. alex perdomo
    alex perdomo
    Maand geleden

    call the queen cherry

  89. Aoife and Ginny
    Aoife and Ginny
    Maand geleden

    She looks like a Glenda to me.

  90. Mary Inna
    Mary Inna
    2 maanden geleden

    Keep it

  91. valli ramam
    valli ramam
    2 maanden geleden


  92. • rainchan-! •
    • rainchan-! •
    2 maanden geleden

    I though it was rice for a second- 💀

    1. LassetUnsSpielen
      2 maanden geleden

      Next time at the indian restaurant

  93. •Catmy Moonlight•
    •Catmy Moonlight•
    2 maanden geleden

    I know i'm late but Name colony suggestions : - Red Aggresion☠️ (Because their aggresive) - Fire Phoenix🔥 (Their "Fire" ants & i wanted it to sound like the Phoenix Empire since their the same ants) - Burning Empire💥 (Because whenever they bite us it feels like it's burning so) Kinda like the same name as the Phoenix Empire but i tried Name suggestions for the fire queen ant : - Cherry - Marthie - Spirit

  94. Katie Webb
    Katie Webb
    2 maanden geleden

    I wanted to thank you for your help in growing my respect for these little creatures. From ants, earwigs and other little bugs, I have been so lucky to experience vicariously through you what they go through for survival. I realized I experience their greatness daily when I look into my garden and under rocks. I am so grateful for your enlightened views on these tiny warriors and how they contribute to our beautiful planet. I have a large colony of tiny black ants, probably invasive but they have assisted in my grasses growth throughout the yard, which supports my tortoises diet. Amazing how the cycle of life is so complex yet so simple. Working with nature versus working against it has been truly rewarding in more ways than I can count. I’ll continue to listen to your wonderful characterization of bugs, I’ll be sure to set time aside to like every video.

  95. Chad Hiscock
    Chad Hiscock
    2 maanden geleden

    The name of post should be Terry Blackwood

  96. Fallenangel 85
    Fallenangel 85
    2 maanden geleden

    But war would be so awesome and so much like Fireants do it in the wild.

  97. A B
    A B
    2 maanden geleden

    Keep her, see how it goes.

  98. al512
    2 maanden geleden

    you should try to make a nuptial flight inside a close terrrium to see if you can "force" the reproduction and have a 100% colonie born in captivitie

  99. Thomas Alègre de la Soujeole
    Thomas Alègre de la Soujeole
    2 maanden geleden

    I’m totally in favor of keeping that second fire ant queen to grow another colony, and then compare its behavior with the Phoenix Empire ! As a scientifically minded ever curious fellow, I can’t wait for your observations ! (And as long as i’m not the one getting stung ^^)

  100. Ott Andreas Jürisson
    Ott Andreas Jürisson
    2 maanden geleden