I CAUGHT A TONNE OF QUEEN ANTS (Raising Pet Ant Colonies) | Day 1

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I caught a tonne of queen ants during a nuptial flight and I have some great plans for them! I placed each queen into a test tube setup to give them the perfect conditions to found an ant colony. Some of the queens dropped their wings, but there really was no guarantee any of the queens would succeed at colony founding, however something I saw in one of the test tubes truly shocked me. Hope you enjoy this week's episode, the first in our Rainforest Chronicles Series. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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  1. AntsCanada
    Maand geleden

    AC Family, thanks so much for watching! When it rains, it pours... QUEEN ANTS! So what's your guess? How many of these queens are fertilized? Hope you remember to hit LIKE, SHARE the video, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and select ALL) if you enjoyed this episode! Ant love forever! Xoxo

    1. Gabriel Bitecofer
      Gabriel Bitecofer
      Maand geleden

      OffTheRanch: “how to kill ants” AntCanada: **intense screaming ** me **intense screaming** like antcanada later **but why** ant kiper me **intense screaming forever**

    2. OliverSaunders
      Maand geleden

      At least half

    3. Darrell Ford
      Darrell Ford
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      you died

    4. Tetra3Ne56scur
      Maand geleden

      Nuptial flights

    5. Ants global
      Ants global
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      @AntsCanada I was thinking of starting an ant NLrock channel to! Sooo I was wondering if you had any tip/tricks that will help me get started

  2. ALPHA
    Dag geleden

    the last part of this vedio was terrifying

  3. DutchPlayzRBLX
    2 dagen geleden

    5:00 The male ant: "Help, I'm dying" The male ant: "Help me plz I'm dying in this jar"

  4. Pubg Mobile
    Pubg Mobile
    2 dagen geleden

    I just caught a red one and i dont know what to do i just killed it😅

  5. Stauriko-Trap • 99 years and
    Stauriko-Trap • 99 years and
    4 dagen geleden

    Give me them.

  6. Aarush Patel
    Aarush Patel
    9 dagen geleden

    I caught a pheidole queen ant

  7. Hanbee Lee
    Hanbee Lee
    9 dagen geleden

    I think you ant-nap them

  8. Joshua Redmond
    Joshua Redmond
    10 dagen geleden

    Sorry but I stepped on an ant queen without wings earlier

  9. SomeThingFawFul
    10 dagen geleden

    Wait male winged ants only live a day? Post nut clarity EX is one hell of a thing

  10. Cecilia
    11 dagen geleden

    I once had an entire ant colony move itself under my bolster overnight good lord was that a surprise turns out ants will just move anywhere thankfully i seem unscathed then well we got rid of them by killing them all

    1. Cecilia
      11 dagen geleden

      Albeit a small colony not the largest but enough to go under the whole bolster it even moved the eggs in

  11. Wolf
    14 dagen geleden

    6:47 i felt really sad, because in one of his videos he said scattered ant eggs may mean they are unfertilized, or the queen, although i don't really know.

  12. zeo brick production
    zeo brick production
    18 dagen geleden

    i have found two some queen ants and my lights because they love lights in Philippine and over the world

  13. Pisces 28
    Pisces 28
    18 dagen geleden

    the Housekeeping that clean the room: *why the heck so many ants in the tubes?* 😅😅😅

  14. keith svenson
    keith svenson
    18 dagen geleden

    okay so what would have happened if u had kept them all in the same container after they mated?

  15. Queen of Ants
    Queen of Ants
    19 dagen geleden

    Pretty New Alates!

  16. Peacock Feathered Raccoon
    Peacock Feathered Raccoon
    19 dagen geleden

    Why hello little ants! GET IN THE JAR!!

  17. Changingcrunchy
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  18. Jessica Sheng
    Jessica Sheng
    22 dagen geleden

    Make ants look more like mosquitoes to me

  19. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
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  20. Shaun Maynard
    Shaun Maynard
    23 dagen geleden

    love your chan

  21. Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow
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    All the women standing around, frustrated at the taco party in which they found themselves. So I turned on my cellphone light.

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    Mohammed Ali
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  23. Buen Angelo Racaza
    Buen Angelo Racaza
    24 dagen geleden

    im super hope you see this

  24. Buen Angelo Racaza
    Buen Angelo Racaza
    24 dagen geleden

    wow that a lot but do you have free one queen ant just one please :c im in philipines i hope

  25. AVP Aquariums
    AVP Aquariums
    25 dagen geleden

    I had a queen ant come into my apartment after her nuptial flight. I took this a sign to start a colony and now she is caring for eggs and the first batch of workers is on the way!

  26. felixccaa
    26 dagen geleden

    I'm wondering: are You or the ant's house in any danger of vulcanic activities? Just watched a very interesting documentary about the Merapi.

  27. ralph tv
    ralph tv
    26 dagen geleden

    Theres a mating season in the philipines and its a fire ant a grab half of the alates of nest and name them" the nether forttres"

  28. Lia_YT
    26 dagen geleden

    i catch a queen but it dind't lay egg it give small ants

  29. Stephen Hood
    Stephen Hood
    26 dagen geleden

    So I finally took the plunge last week myself and have 6 queen's in a test tube setups. I checked them today to fine 5 of the 6 have laid eggs :) thanks for all ur educational videos over the years

  30. Major Wd
    Major Wd
    27 dagen geleden

    I wish memberships were back open, I would buy them but I’m also kinda broke

  31. A colony
    A colony
    27 dagen geleden

    Hey don’t be stupid they are common black carpenter ants

  32. ThePaleRiderDeath
    28 dagen geleden

    9:21 mite on leg?

  33. Luke Fan(LukeTheNotable)
    Luke Fan(LukeTheNotable)
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  34. Jack-O-Rex
    29 dagen geleden

    Cliffhangers WHY, also i love your vids, theyre great and i always love watching them at night :D

  35. EdrianJustine
    29 dagen geleden

    oh yea i want a queen ant bc i have so many ants game

  36. katelyn Clark
    katelyn Clark
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    I keep finding ants at my school and do EVERYTHING to get the QUEEN ant out of the home and she is STAYING I even kick sand at the colony

  37. Ira Carew
    Ira Carew
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  38. candyangel
    29 dagen geleden

    Omg a saw a queen ant cuz when i woke up i saw a ant and i let it go to the forest

  39. EGP3
    29 dagen geleden

    Why are your queens huge

  40. EGP3
    29 dagen geleden

    I saw like 20 queens today

  41. Chamber Cummins
    Chamber Cummins
    29 dagen geleden

    I love this Channel I been watching this when I was 6 I made owned ants have some

  42. Riaan van Staden
    Riaan van Staden
    29 dagen geleden

    I have no more ants mine was ripped to peaces by bullet ants that got into my house idk how to get ants now anymore

  43. Gabe F
    Gabe F
    29 dagen geleden

    Holy atTopia

  44. EdTheProf ETP
    EdTheProf ETP
    29 dagen geleden

    At 4:31 I saw a mite on the leg of one of the ants.

  45. hollowgent
    29 dagen geleden

    Im from the UK and I'm fully down for starting a colony thank you so much for all you're videos dude you are awesome

  46. Don Corleone
    Don Corleone
    Maand geleden

    Let them battle each other

  47. Diabolus Crawley
    Diabolus Crawley
    Maand geleden

    I think was a trap jaw ant that bite or sting you

  48. Roysenator
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    The New Dawn Empire? :)

  49. OPkiller plays
    OPkiller plays
    Maand geleden

    Hey I am trying to start an ant farm any tips or something?

    1. OPkiller plays
      OPkiller plays
      Maand geleden

      And I bought one of your starter kits

  50. Ralp Justine Butcon
    Ralp Justine Butcon
    Maand geleden

    I hope its a queen blue ant which is your favorite one!!

  51. Hamza XD
    Hamza XD
    Maand geleden

    i wonder if any of these ants are just like “dude are we living in a simulation”

  52. R zar
    R zar
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    Other people when Flying ants swarming at their house : ugh this is annoying This dude : hmm free content and view

  53. R zar
    R zar
    Maand geleden

    So your telling me that me and my sister kills 14 queen ants? 😦

  54. Iwikau1511
    Maand geleden

    Please update us on the termites we all wanna know!

  55. Someone
    Maand geleden

    I had just spotted a queen ant yesterday, but I didn’t have a tube with me. o7

  56. BrianPlayzYT
    Maand geleden

    Can you donate me 1 queen ant?

  57. Carl Simoun Bubungan
    Carl Simoun Bubungan
    Maand geleden

    I was with this channel for 2to 3 years

  58. Shilpee Dutt
    Shilpee Dutt
    Maand geleden

    I just got my queen ant last night she just shed her Wings! she literally flew into my room when I was watching ur videos on NLrock! plus I didn't get a queen when I with my daddy was looking in the Park! So we came back well we did find a male outside so when I came home I went to iPad and wallah the queen flew into my room

  59. Michael Worley
    Michael Worley
    Maand geleden

    you had your antser get it

  60. John Mark Berces
    John Mark Berces
    Maand geleden

    Hi ac family I want to ask something,can you deliver queen ants to me there's no queen ant walking by, please donate some queen ants to me I beg you please,I will send my address if you saw this message,#send_queen_ants_please ,I love you ac family,love from:Thaz in the Philippines,btw I live in the bicol region,camarines sur,pasacao I will send my location here in pasacao cam sur if you saw this comment

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    Joshua Dela Cruz
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    Tracy Laird
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    RowTheCat R.W.
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    AntsCanada: (Notices nuptial flight starting) Also AntsCanada: (Frothing in the mouth at the thought of a new ant colony.)

  68. Jako Rossouw
    Jako Rossouw
    Maand geleden

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  69. Caitlin Amian
    Caitlin Amian
    Maand geleden

    Ihave seen 10 queen ant but they died 👁️👄👁️💅

    Maand geleden

    Mabe is a bag that is amost same as Queen ant but smaller

    Maand geleden

    Sorry my mrother dont allow me

  72. Craftyprogamer
    Maand geleden

    As I finished watching this video, I found myself in the middle of a nuptial flight in my room. Almost as if they were summoned.

  73. Kawaie kitty
    Kawaie kitty
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  74. Kawaie kitty
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  77. Prince Du Ciel
    Prince Du Ciel
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    I haven't seen a single ant... survive longer than a few minutes cuz my cats FIND THEM. Oops?

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    Raihan the lion Gaming
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    Hamza Abdi
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    Combine the queens before the workers grow up. That way there won't be a fight

  83. 4nyToGood
    Maand geleden

    My black crazy ants queen died last week I HAD TO FIND A NEW ONE WITCH I DIDNT KNOW WHERE TO GET :(

  84. Alex Brewster
    Alex Brewster
    Maand geleden

    Bruh how do you sleep with a literal swarm of ants buzzing around your room. No matter how much you like them there is no way you would feel comfortable to even lay down right

  85. Matt Guevara
    Matt Guevara
    Maand geleden

    Ac question my answer : maybe a male?

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  87. fallen
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    @AntsCanada if they all mated dont give them away make a colony with lots of queens!

  88. Brody Parrish
    Brody Parrish
    Maand geleden

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    Raphael plays games
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    Mike Russel G. Jimenez
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    Mike Russel G. Jimenez
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    1. Mike Russel G. Jimenez
      Mike Russel G. Jimenez
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      @Brody Parrish sorry i just wanna know

    2. Brody Parrish
      Brody Parrish
      Maand geleden

      I want one

  94. Shelby McCormick
    Shelby McCormick
    Maand geleden

    hey ants canada you know the youtube video you made the axolotl you shold make a shop for a axolotl and plus ants inside

    1. Shelby McCormick
      Shelby McCormick
      Maand geleden

      that will be cool

  95. Gamer-Survival
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    AC question of the week : spider

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  97. DEAD DOG
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    I just had to spray like 50 ants that were swarming my bathroom and have come here to clear my soul

  98. the pyro wm1
    the pyro wm1
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    my ant queen just died 😥

  99. Arnelyn Julian
    Arnelyn Julian
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  100. Domino Redmond
    Domino Redmond
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    I would really appreciate it if u answered cuz I need to know. I live in Canada and with fall and winter coming I need a place for my ants. My mom doesn't want them inside and i know they need air so is there any way I could bury then in the ground for the winter and not have them die? Ik this is an odd question but if anyone could answer or if u, AntsCanada could respond it would be great. Thanks!