My New Exotic Isopod Colony

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I got a new exotic isopod farm! The various shapes and colours of the isopods are amazing! They are native to my country and I was happy to start a new colony, because they make excellent cleanup crew for terrariums and ant farms. Check out the new world I created for them, and their reaction when all moved in! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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  1. Trevon Collins
    Trevon Collins
    3 uur geleden

    In California, USA we called them rollie pollies as I grew up

  2. Abraham McGinn
    Abraham McGinn
    8 uur geleden

    #powderblue BLUE PILLS! we gotta have a matrix reference somewhere!

  3. Mystery The best
    Mystery The best
    15 uur geleden

    #Redkoi koi pond

  4. One who Grows beans
    One who Grows beans
    15 uur geleden

    Tangerine shrimps #powderorange

  5. KUN
    19 uur geleden

    In China we call them... the Watermelon bugs, yeah, or wet bugs. I keep a few local & Spanish species, amazing pets really. They are all harmless and shy.

  6. AllOfMyGirls
    Dag geleden

    Slaters in NZ

  7. Gi Eter
    Gi Eter
    Dag geleden

    In the netherlands you call them "pissebedden" wat translates to "urine-beds"....

  8. Red Tsar
    Red Tsar
    Dag geleden

    Isopods are great, but not for a scorpion tank

  9. Aisu Tistoto
    Aisu Tistoto
    Dag geleden

    Rollie Pollies are crustaceans- My world is changed.

  10. xTeddyx
    2 dagen geleden

    Idk but in Canada we call them "wood bugs"

  11. tracy turner
    tracy turner
    2 dagen geleden

    We called them wood lice here in the uk

  12. Motte Gecko
    Motte Gecko
    2 dagen geleden

    In Germany we say "Kellerassel" and I think thats beautiful

  13. Fernando Sornoso
    Fernando Sornoso
    2 dagen geleden

    Rollie Pollies!!! I’m from Los Angeles, California, everyone calls them that here ! I used to love rolling them around

  14. Emma Garner
    Emma Garner
    2 dagen geleden

    I call them wood lice (uk)

  15. Danie Diedericks
    Danie Diedericks
    2 dagen geleden

    They are coot ❤

  16. A Wang
    A Wang
    3 dagen geleden

    #cubaris cubar rollers

  17. A Wang
    A Wang
    3 dagen geleden

    #powder orange iso shrimp

  18. A Wang
    A Wang
    3 dagen geleden

    #power orange isoshrimp

  19. A Wang
    A Wang
    3 dagen geleden

    btw i live in maryland

  20. A Wang
    A Wang
    3 dagen geleden

    or water melon bugs XD

  21. A Wang
    A Wang
    3 dagen geleden

    aww 西瓜虫

  22. Dias
    3 dagen geleden

    I called all of'em kecoa:)

  23. Zim the gamer
    Zim the gamer
    3 dagen geleden

    We call them slater bugs (: I’m down in south Australia

  24. Ethan Hauff
    Ethan Hauff
    3 dagen geleden

    chicagoland area, pillbugs/rolly polies

  25. Dragon Dust
    Dragon Dust
    4 dagen geleden

    I once met a giant Iso Padre on a subway system. Kept talking about cakes or something.

  26. Joanne Laurie
    Joanne Laurie
    4 dagen geleden

    I live in Kentucky and I grew up calling these roly-poly‘s :>

    1. Joanne Laurie
      Joanne Laurie
      4 dagen geleden

      I purposely spelled this wrong :>

  27. Alexisasheep
    4 dagen geleden

    gråsugga in swedish, literally means grey sow

  28. Flame Game
    Flame Game
    4 dagen geleden

    Pill bugs and rollie pollies I live near northern WV

  29. Sus
    4 dagen geleden

    #powderBlue ill call em, rust, gack, dallas, hoxton, houston,chains,jimmy, and Bulldozer

  30. BelovedShitposter
    4 dagen geleden

    #RedKoi I think a japanese clan might be a nice idea or something Samurai esque

  31. Valdemar Bindesboell
    Valdemar Bindesboell
    4 dagen geleden

    In Denmark they're called "bænkebidere", which directly translates to "bench biters"

  32. Emiray Gamer
    Emiray Gamer
    4 dagen geleden

    Here we call them woodlouse

  33. idk
    4 dagen geleden

    #redkoi looks kinda like coconut shavings or burnt ones at-least could be something to do with that?

  34. idk
    4 dagen geleden

    #powderorange they look kinda like tree sap maybe something to do with that?

  35. idk
    4 dagen geleden

    #powderblue i think they should be called the titanuim shells or something like that the coleration seems like it

  36. Ivy Holt
    Ivy Holt
    5 dagen geleden

    I have a lot of these where I live. Everybody I knew called them "Roly Pollies"

  37. damising
    5 dagen geleden

    roliy polys astralia

  38. brandishoogy
    6 dagen geleden

    Rollie pollie . Arizona. USA

  39. ezekiel ehmke
    ezekiel ehmke
    6 dagen geleden

    The Cubans merina are the most common in my area of Oklahoma and Kansas

  40. ezekiel ehmke
    ezekiel ehmke
    6 dagen geleden

    Roly poly hear in Oklahoma (us)

  41. Demon_Pirate
    6 dagen geleden

    In the UK we call them Chiggy Wigs, Granny Grey, Cheesy Bob, and Chucky Pigs. We are very odd over here.

  42. FadeZ
    6 dagen geleden

    In Hull, Yorkshire, U.K. we call them wood lice (in primary school I called them rollie pollies)

    6 dagen geleden

    #powderorange They Should Be The Magma Mites

  44. OneCrazyNewf
    6 dagen geleden

    The isopods are called carpenters in Newfoundland

  45. Alexander Looney
    Alexander Looney
    6 dagen geleden

    #powderorange Tangerine marines

  46. Alexander Looney
    Alexander Looney
    6 dagen geleden

    My mom calls them mini cockroaches for some reason My dad calls them Rollie polies I call them cuties

  47. Nick
    6 dagen geleden

    I would definitely add leaf litter as that is what they love munching on, along with bark, if you want them to thrive.

  48. Madelief Lange
    Madelief Lange
    6 dagen geleden

    in the netherlands they are cald pisssebedden what translates to peeing animals

  49. beachlol
    7 dagen geleden

    In Australia, we call them 'butchie (boot-chi) boys', or 'slaters'

  50. Gwendolyn Delaney
    Gwendolyn Delaney
    7 dagen geleden

    I live in Eastern North Carolina and I grew up with them as "Roly Pollies". It wasn't until I was in my Biology lab class that I heard them called "Pill Bugs or Sow Bugs" for the first time. But as a kid, they would crawl all around and roll into a ball when they feel threatened. But SOO cute little bugs. Haha.

  51. JVGalhardo
    7 dagen geleden

    tatu bolinha - Brazil

  52. TSA 595
    TSA 595
    8 dagen geleden

    Wood lice. From South Africa

  53. Justin George
    Justin George
    8 dagen geleden

    Oklahoma USA Rollie pollies and pill bugs…I’ve heard potato bugs too

  54. MeGaming
    8 dagen geleden

    #PowderOrange shrimps !!!

  55. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
    8 dagen geleden

    A Bugz Life 🐜..

  56. Zegyi
    8 dagen geleden

    We call them wood lice in the UK

  57. Dude la Dude
    Dude la Dude
    9 dagen geleden

    I actually just got myself a small colony of powder orange isopods. I'm hoping to make a small isopod terrarium in a bin. Any advice on how to care for them or any tricks?

    1. AntsCanada
      9 dagen geleden

      Yes, they LOVE dried and dead hardwood tree leaves.

  58. Traci Parker
    Traci Parker
    9 dagen geleden

    Don’t put them with the ants there so happy on there own little island

  59. Stanneke
    9 dagen geleden

    In the Netherlands we call them Pissebedden

  60. effie
    9 dagen geleden

    rollie pollies, eastern pennsylvania :)

  61. jordane k.
    jordane k.
    9 dagen geleden

    I call them rollie pollies. But my grandma (from North Carolina) called em ball beetles. Im born raised Texas!!!

  62. DOT DotDot
    DOT DotDot
    9 dagen geleden

    Very nice

  63. Francis FuzzyNips
    Francis FuzzyNips
    9 dagen geleden

    In Denmark the "wood lice" are called bench biters

  64. alterego
    9 dagen geleden

    Isopodium. Great name! Isopods are truly awesome. Have loved them ever since I was a little kid.

  65. alterego
    9 dagen geleden

    We called them Rollie-polies and sowbugs in Waterloo, Ontario Canada when I was a kid.

  66. alterego
    9 dagen geleden

    #Powder Orange - call them the spray-tan team!

  67. MarvelTeen 15
    MarvelTeen 15
    9 dagen geleden

    "Rollie Pollies" in Southeast Louisiana! I loved catching these little guys and letting them crawl around on my hand! They're so cute!

  68. Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown
    9 dagen geleden

    Wood lice. England Leeds 💙 🐜

  69. swirlsthemudkip
    10 dagen geleden

    I would join your group, but I’m on mobile

  70. Joshua Redmond
    Joshua Redmond
    10 dagen geleden

    If you come to texas you can find these everywhere under rotting wood I call them rollie pollies

  71. Jarrett Hornsby
    Jarrett Hornsby
    10 dagen geleden

    agent orange #powderorange

  72. Brighton Doebler
    Brighton Doebler
    10 dagen geleden

    Rollie pillows Virginia beach Virginia

  73. LazyFirefighter
    10 dagen geleden

    Rollie Pollies! West Coast USA 🇺🇸

  74. Puggo
    10 dagen geleden

    Ants Canada: 69420 Let's build an entire planet for my ant super coloney's.

  75. DWtjes
    10 dagen geleden

    in dutch we call them pissebedden that’s when there are more then one if there is one we call it pissebed

  76. greybinhoe
    10 dagen geleden

    In Sweden we call them "Gråsuggor" which tranlsates into "Grey sow"

  77. Smiler
    10 dagen geleden

    We call them 'wood lice' here in the UK

  78. Mercino311
    11 dagen geleden

    Rollie Pollies or some called them Pill bugs! Grew up in central Illinois.

  79. Erika Rosca
    Erika Rosca
    11 dagen geleden

    Rolly Pollys 😍

  80. Steve Sayers
    Steve Sayers
    11 dagen geleden

    We call them Cheese logs in N.E England.

  81. Claire
    11 dagen geleden

    Rollie Pollies, i live in the US in Deleware

  82. xX GwansTheSkeleGamer Xx
    xX GwansTheSkeleGamer Xx
    11 dagen geleden

    I live in Louisiana and have for my whole life. I grew up calling them rolly pollys and I'd always love finding these and I still do to this day!

  83. Chelsea Parker
    Chelsea Parker
    11 dagen geleden

    white out, Goldin Guardians we call tham Slaters in Australia

  84. Zedo kaiba
    Zedo kaiba
    11 dagen geleden

    #powderblue Ice-o-pods

  85. is Bryan flying or dying
    is Bryan flying or dying
    11 dagen geleden

    Rollie pollies

  86. Mvo
    11 dagen geleden

    in brazil they are called tatuzinho de jardim in english would be something like little garden armadillo

  87. curt games
    curt games
    11 dagen geleden

    I live in Wales in Rhyl and we called them Roly polys and woodlice

  88. Frank Dog
    Frank Dog
    11 dagen geleden

    Team five could be called the rolling army

  89. Frank Dog
    Frank Dog
    11 dagen geleden

    I call em rolly pullies

  90. harinath dr
    harinath dr
    12 dagen geleden

    #PowderBlue powdering fusca

  91. harinath dr
    harinath dr
    12 dagen geleden

    powerdering fusca

  92. Nicholas Locke
    Nicholas Locke
    12 dagen geleden

    In Newfoundland, I grew up knowing these as "Carpenters".

  93. Opepicseal 9
    Opepicseal 9
    12 dagen geleden

    #redkoi the koi kritters

  94. monticore 162
    monticore 162
    12 dagen geleden

    roley poleys (less often), pillbugs (informal), wood lice (formal), I was born in america and moved to australia when I was 4 but my naming of them is also influenced by the large amount of scientific material I read

  95. Taitea Sailo
    Taitea Sailo
    12 dagen geleden

    In mizo we just call it pu vana silom

  96. Caden Schunke
    Caden Schunke
    12 dagen geleden

    We called them wood lice 🇿🇦

  97. Riku Jung
    Riku Jung
    12 dagen geleden

    In Finland the name of these bugs is siira. But they have a widely used name sauna mummo translating to sauna granny 😅

  98. Coffe Art
    Coffe Art
    13 dagen geleden

    Where I live we call them tatuzinho or tatu-bola I am from south america Brazil

  99. Vojtěch Strachota
    Vojtěch Strachota
    13 dagen geleden

    we called them "sheeps" ... just saying

  100. Curtis Rickett
    Curtis Rickett
    13 dagen geleden

    I propose: #WhiteOut = Lemon Drops #Cubaris = the Phalanx (since they look like a shield wall)