Saving My Ant Colony From Giant Facehugger Mites

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There are huge facehugger mites on my pet ants in their test tube ant farm nest. But in this episode, I attempted something crazy to help save them. Like a mini “ant surgeon”, I went in and extracted the facehugger mites from the colony. It took some crazy skill to do it, but I had no choice. The lives of my pet ants depended on it! Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.


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    This dude mentions genocide among pests a lot

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    Not seen all the videos on this, but could it be because you removed the molded tube? Meaning that there no longer is that much food for the mite. And now they hope to catch a ride outside to somewere they can find mold/food?! And since they are closed in a system. They have no where to go...

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    I’d have tried flynap. It’s what I used in college for breeding fruit flies to study recessive genes.

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    Weird why they attack and eat other creatures but not realise theres mites on their family

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    Some ant species actually vary on whether dying repletes pass on food, some don't as if its dying of a disease or something it ate, it's not a good idea to pass it, no clue which type this ant is though

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    The reason why it’s good that the males had the mites is because the males don’t do anything within the nest they wait until it’s time to fly, so it actually benefits the nest with the deaths of the repletes two technically 4 less mouths to feed might be gracing.

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    I have a solitary worker ant I didn’t think it was a queen but I took it in anyways after a food test I was sure it was a worker gave it a Cheerio and made it a feeding area Name suggestions?

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    Initially I thought that the mites were indeed beneficial for the ants becase the were mostly hanging around the ants head. I though they maybe positioned themselves there to eat up any left overs that the ant might have failed to eat but now that they are moving around their entire body I'd suggest isolating ants with mites while sending atleast 1 male to your friends

    1. Vahlok do Dov
      Vahlok do Dov
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      Also after giving some thought to how the mites got there... have you properly checked that the superworm and roach head was clean? Not to question your ant keeping skills but everyone has slip ups ^-^

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