Saying Goodbye to My Fire Ant Queen | She Will Die Now

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It's a very sad day. I was truly looking forward to having a new fire ant colony this year from this newly caught queen ant with eggs. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be. I'll have to say goodbye to her, and I explain in this video why and how I need to do it. However, there is hope and I will not give up. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.


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  1. AntsCanada
    3 maanden geleden

    I'm pretty sad about this queen fire ant. But, you'll see why at the very end, I still have hope for the future. Ant love forever!

    1. Keith Kounovsky
      Keith Kounovsky
      4 dagen geleden

      @A B exactly

    2. Keith Kounovsky
      Keith Kounovsky
      4 dagen geleden


    3. Gabe cool
      Gabe cool
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    4. Ashley Xeed
      Ashley Xeed
      Maand geleden

      if you keep the fire ant queen the fire ant army are not ganna die

    5. Earl Jayson Gurion
      Earl Jayson Gurion
      Maand geleden


  2. Ching Ching
    Ching Ching
    6 uur geleden

    You can just kill all the mites you know

    2 dagen geleden

    the sex of an ant is determed by if the eggs were fertalized. if they are, they will be female ants. if not, male ants.

  4. ben hassan ben hassan
    ben hassan ben hassan
    2 dagen geleden

    No matter the pity, he's evil at attacking people

  5. Jhon Anthony
    Jhon Anthony
    3 dagen geleden

    Please nonononooo😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Keith Kounovsky
    Keith Kounovsky
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  7. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
    8 dagen geleden

    A Bugz Life 🐜..

  8. Mateo Roman Santoso
    Mateo Roman Santoso
    8 dagen geleden

    you know that everyone has a new time in the sky even ants and animals go to heaven

  9. Mateo Roman Santoso
    Mateo Roman Santoso
    8 dagen geleden

    rip fire queen ant

  10. VolkColopatrion
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  11. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
    11 dagen geleden

  12. Sonny Go Jr.
    Sonny Go Jr.
    11 dagen geleden

    im so sad to know this😭😢

  13. Sonny Go Jr.
    Sonny Go Jr.
    11 dagen geleden


  14. Super_Morto
    13 dagen geleden

    Just so you know NLrock tried to spew BBC content to me after watching your video's.

  15. Aufa Putra Prasetya 3 Maliki Number 7
    Aufa Putra Prasetya 3 Maliki Number 7
    13 dagen geleden

    NOOOOO why die

  16. maya sabiniano
    maya sabiniano
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  17. miguel beduya
    miguel beduya
    14 dagen geleden

    Keep her!!

  18. Team Toster
    Team Toster
    15 dagen geleden

    This is soooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Shayu Hui
    Shayu Hui
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  20. edijTV
    18 dagen geleden

    The factor that determinates the sex of an ant is if the queen mates or not, if she could not mate the ants are boys, use less, but if the queen mates the ants are all female (workers, soldiers etc.)

  21. Trouble's bloody AU's
    Trouble's bloody AU's
    21 dag geleden

    To respond to the question of the beginning, what determines the sex of the ant is either the egg is fertilised or not. If it is fertilised, worker female ants are born. If it's not male ants are born.

  22. JG
    21 dag geleden

    oh no now now

  23. Dabermcdabberson
    25 dagen geleden

    who tf said kill her FIFTEEN PERCENT

  24. norman pozo
    norman pozo
    25 dagen geleden

    Just found this site a couple of weeks ago and i must say the author has a happy go lucky thing going on that he passes on to us the audience its truly a gift.

  25. Syeda Farheen
    Syeda Farheen
    26 dagen geleden

    I love her

  26. Boudray Nadine
    Boudray Nadine
    28 dagen geleden

    KEEP HER!!!🥺🥺

  27. john ryan hiyao
    john ryan hiyao
    Maand geleden

    Keep her so she will live

  28. John Mark Berces
    John Mark Berces
    Maand geleden

    Hi ac family I want to ask something,can you deliver queen ants to me there's no queen ant walking by, please donate some queen ants to me I beg you please,I will send my address if you saw this message,#send_queen_ants_please ,I love you ac family,love from:Thaz in the Philippines,btw I live in the bicol region,camarines sur,pasacao I will send my location here in pasacao cam sur if you saw this comment

  29. Joe Diamond
    Joe Diamond
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  30. Triggered Trotsky
    Triggered Trotsky
    Maand geleden

    Plot twist: introducing the RAID channel

    Maand geleden

    Release her

  32. Minuscule Countryballs(MUSLIM)
    Minuscule Countryballs(MUSLIM)
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  33. -~Llama bean~-
    -~Llama bean~-
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  34. rigomortisfxstudios
    Maand geleden

    a friend of mine put some in dry ice it was funny

  35. Shin gojira 682 anims
    Shin gojira 682 anims
    Maand geleden

    No do not kill him his cute you need to free it to mate

  36. 陳英權
    Maand geleden

    How does the ember Islands island stand up

  37. Tess tickle
    Tess tickle
    Maand geleden

    Fertile queen ants: *exists* AC: congratulations, you are being saved

  38. Sui Ceu
    Sui Ceu
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    If I prank you you have to get me pinned … Read more

    1. Blitzkrieg
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      That didnt work for me because i was using another language

  39. Chenchen Balaba
    Chenchen Balaba
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    Keep her keep her keep keep🐜🐜🐜🐜

  40. Fnaf ar Freddy!
    Fnaf ar Freddy!
    Maand geleden

    AntsCanada: saying goodbye to the fire ants queen also AntsCanada: *she will die now*

  41. rosamarylu
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    leave her do not let her die!

  42. m1nX SMP
    m1nX SMP
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    I love black ants they don't bite🤯

  43. caragh lumpp
    caragh lumpp
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  44. Doom slayer
    Doom slayer
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    RIP fire nation

  45. Sophia Belle Daphne A. Gales
    Sophia Belle Daphne A. Gales
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    Keep her he he:))))

  46. Robert Flask
    Robert Flask
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    The idea of releasing a fire ant queen just sounds all bad

  47. Unicorn Sparkles
    Unicorn Sparkles
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    Keep him

  48. Nora
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    Me: *sees the fire ant queen die* Also me: *FIRE ANT ANTHEM PLAYS IN BACKROUND WHILE IM SALUTING*

  49. Crossing Bunnies
    Crossing Bunnies
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    Do you still have pig

  50. Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
    Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
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    1. Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
      Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
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    2. Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
      Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
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    3. Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
      Kyleigh Gavielle Warnez Ponton
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  51. Qiang Dong
    Qiang Dong
    Maand geleden

    Rip ant queen 😭

  52. Osman gooeyfriend
    Osman gooeyfriend
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    Nooo dont let her die :(

  53. the big geo 么
    the big geo 么
    Maand geleden

    the queen fire ant is

  54. Trish Fernandez
    Trish Fernandez
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    sad😪 oh no !😫 😥 😥 😥🎯🐜 sad ant

  55. mia c
    mia c
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    It’s ok for me because I don’t like ants

  56. sheriff woody
    sheriff woody
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  57. Ryu Serote
    Ryu Serote
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    Rip : (

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    Bonaldo‘s motorcycles
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    keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  61. Michaeline Jhian Ramos
    Michaeline Jhian Ramos
    Maand geleden

    This so sad

  62. Debug stick
    Debug stick
    Maand geleden

    Im afraid that no ants can replace The Queen Ant,Ants do not follow bees,And if their queen dies The bees Replacesess their old queen and starts to find another baby bee to be their queen,

  63. Queen of Ants
    Queen of Ants
    Maand geleden

    Poor Little Lady! I Recently Caught A Fire Ant Alate And Named Her Princess Ash But Then She Didn’t Shed Her Wings And Turned Out She Was Infertile. Came Back To Her Wings Gone And Tons Of Eggs, Which Shocked Me. What I Should Have Expected Happened. Yep, You Guessed It, They All Became Drones.

  64. emma kako
    emma kako
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  65. JoniSue Carlson
    JoniSue Carlson
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    I hope she lives And this channel is asom

  66. DinoZShort lol
    DinoZShort lol
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    You need to release her that is how it live

  67. The Cherry Blossom Sister’s🌸
    The Cherry Blossom Sister’s🌸
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    Sometimes animals will die in the future... But something you will have to move on.. Don’t forget her..

  68. 🐕 doggy The gamer
    🐕 doggy The gamer
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  69. 🐕 doggy The gamer
    🐕 doggy The gamer
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    hiwa shahab
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    Helcurt Gods
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    Fire Title
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    Mia Zhang
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    don't kill the queen

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    Banham Family
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  77. Derpy
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    did she die

  78. Fe Piluden
    Fe Piluden
    Maand geleden

    An female ants are produced from fertilised eggs and are diploid while males are produced from unferilised eggs and are haploid

  79. Kobin Kuzmiak
    Kobin Kuzmiak
    Maand geleden

    * This guys fire ant queen dieing * him: sad. Me: whole entire colony of fire ants dies and dosnt even care

    Maand geleden


    Maand geleden


  82. Michelle Groulx
    Michelle Groulx
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    Keep her

  83. Carmen Ramirez
    Carmen Ramirez
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    Noo. Godbye 😭😭😭😭❤

  84. • sugar •
    • sugar •
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  85. Gizza Alexandria Simons
    Gizza Alexandria Simons
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    I love your video

  86. pournami s
    pournami s
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    You can let her into jungle aur where did you catch it and just let their

  87. Uvar Zamirbekov
    Uvar Zamirbekov
    Maand geleden

    Please fertilize her with a male alate!

  88. lavenderfvx
    Maand geleden

    Man when ant dies: *Makes a 10 minute tribute to it* *Me simply stepping on an ant*

  89. Rhenz
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    Keep her

  90. Eranuka Guy
    Eranuka Guy
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  91. It’s a Friendly truck!
    It’s a Friendly truck!
    Maand geleden

    You should connect the ember islands and the salva de fuego with a tube if you haven’t used it for another colony

  92. Cristian Corbu
    Cristian Corbu
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    The color or the size

  93. ElevatorsNStuffRBLX AKA ElevatorsNStuffYTALT
    ElevatorsNStuffRBLX AKA ElevatorsNStuffYTALT
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  94. Cookie
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    Me when he says hit the bell Icon me lit throwing my laptop :(

  95. Maand geleden

    Keep her

  96. HehE
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    Did she say the eggs

    1. HehE
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  97. Jennie Solomon
    Jennie Solomon
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    When i watch this it makes me think there is a ant on my leg

  98. athletic queen
    athletic queen
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  99. medicalstudent2006
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    I hate ants

  100. •Kazøøha• #roadto900
    •Kazøøha• #roadto900
    Maand geleden

    So, question if shes the queen ant and already died... Which is sad :(, who is the new Queen Ant?