Sleeping Ant Wakes Up To Discover It Was Left Behind by Its Colony

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This sleeping ant was left behind by its colony and its reaction when it woke up was hilarious! This is a story of my young pet carpenter ants and their beautiful queen ant, who were in need of a new ant nest location. I gave the ants a brand new home suitable for an ant colony at their current stage, and watched the ants move the entire colony (brood included) into their new and improved home. The process and reaction of the ants were intriguing, hilarious, and all around gratifying to watch. Hope you enjoy this week's video! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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  1. AntsCanada
    5 maanden geleden

    Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family! Thanks for watching! Please VOTE below for our carpenter ant colony’s official name by hitting *LIKE* on your choice: SIDE NOTE: NLrock only allows a max of 500 replies per post, so if you cannot post a reply here, post your comment in the main comments field instead. You can still VOTE/thumbs up regardless!

    1. richardbagley
      12 dagen geleden

      Woodland Warriors seem cool

    2. Dylan Mac
      Dylan Mac
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    3. Nicholas Sedlock
      Nicholas Sedlock
      2 maanden geleden

      the name can be *Carpenter Kingdom*

    4. Solaris Scribbles Tavern
      Solaris Scribbles Tavern
      3 maanden geleden


    5. Kim Ponger
      Kim Ponger
      3 maanden geleden

      I thought amber would be good but amber knights is better

  2. JJW 836412
    JJW 836412
    7 uur geleden

    Why did you change the thumbnail?

  3. ghoul-oh-boy
    8 uur geleden

    hmmmmm name name name.............. elizibeth???

  4. Kreativekraft Ph
    Kreativekraft Ph
    14 uur geleden

    Face reveal please

  5. ToeTruck
    Dag geleden

    "I made my colony dissappear..." - Kevant in Hill Alone

  6. Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters
    Dag geleden

    Ant love forever!

  7. john simmons
    john simmons
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  8. Brittani Frey
    Brittani Frey
    2 dagen geleden

    Cherry you should name the queen cherry

  9. ItzCorruptAce
    3 dagen geleden

    bro i remember when phoenix empire was just a queen

  10. Angeline Sampang
    Angeline Sampang
    3 dagen geleden

    The empire war

  11. Al Vrooman
    Al Vrooman
    4 dagen geleden

    I know, Abby!

  12. อุระชาติ เหล่าพิลัย
    อุระชาติ เหล่าพิลัย
    5 dagen geleden

    Let the king named ruby

  13. Jasmin Paito
    Jasmin Paito
    5 dagen geleden

    I'm just afraid by the idea of raising and letting them multiply then one day biting you back. Numbers can kill a giant. Please make sure to be careful 😉

  14. Arianna Rivera
    Arianna Rivera
    5 dagen geleden

    Can we name her hmmmmm......Queen Amber

  15. Dude Gaming
    Dude Gaming
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  16. Ryzel Benn Gerard Magaling
    Ryzel Benn Gerard Magaling
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  17. Scooby
    6 dagen geleden

    caramelia is the queens name :)

  18. I can’t Think of a name
    I can’t Think of a name
    6 dagen geleden

    Feels bad man

  19. noki boongaling
    noki boongaling
    6 dagen geleden


  20. rofema canillas
    rofema canillas
    6 dagen geleden

    hey ants Canada how to get carpenter queen ant?

  21. Mateo Roman Santoso
    Mateo Roman Santoso
    7 dagen geleden

    Carpenter ants: wow a new home :o Phoenix Empire : bruh my you have to leave us i mean we have a whole avater islands thing BUT like bruh you have to leave us like that

  22. Rion McGowen
    Rion McGowen
    7 dagen geleden

    Ants Canada I found a Queen with wings

  23. Josephine Belo
    Josephine Belo
    7 dagen geleden

    so queen ants ar girls so lets name her ravenand lets name der new home di new homes name is cappenter di empire

  24. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
    8 dagen geleden

    A Bugz Life 🐜..

  25. Deadbone
    8 dagen geleden

    I think the name Ant’s Carpentin’ sounds great. (In case you still voting)

  26. Roblox fast Gamer
    Roblox fast Gamer
    9 dagen geleden

    Name is charry because it’s red like one

  27. Jamal Charles
    Jamal Charles
    9 dagen geleden

    I'd love to name the queen Michelle

  28. h
    9 dagen geleden

    I love this, you know they are the happiest they have ever been in there life, without any emotion on their face.

  29. Sanchi Estioco
    Sanchi Estioco
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  30. ramanjeet kaur
    ramanjeet kaur
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    This attucally made me cry

  31. Stephany Farciert
    Stephany Farciert
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    Wow I love it

  32. JCD04
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    I want her name to be cute

  33. Angel-lee Williamson
    Angel-lee Williamson
    11 dagen geleden

    Aunt pictures as well

  34. Qfx101 The Granite God
    Qfx101 The Granite God
    11 dagen geleden

    topaz is a nice name

  35. Jocelyn Orpia
    Jocelyn Orpia
    13 dagen geleden

    ron johan o beien

  36. Arno _jx
    Arno _jx
    16 dagen geleden

    It's like tying your shoes just to find the whole group had left

    1. Jessica Glubb
      Jessica Glubb
      4 dagen geleden


  37. maya sabiniano
    maya sabiniano
    16 dagen geleden

    QUEENS NAME=Alexandra canadia the 3rd (pls pick this name)

  38. Mateo Roman Santoso
    Mateo Roman Santoso
    16 dagen geleden

    make the queen name Elizabeth and the Colony golden city

  39. belle Bigayan
    belle Bigayan
    16 dagen geleden

    Maybe I name the queen ant Ashley💓💕💖❤️♥️

    16 dagen geleden

    name her bell

  41. Muanda Martins
    Muanda Martins
    17 dagen geleden

    Antacids I have some ladybug

  42. Mary Reece
    Mary Reece
    17 dagen geleden

    I think we should name the queen "Victoria" btw I'm only 8, thanks for the info about these ants!

  43. Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
    Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
    18 dagen geleden

    Ants sleep?!?!?!?!?!

  44. Patrick Bryan
    Patrick Bryan
    18 dagen geleden

    yesterday i had a spider until it got killed in like under 2 hours.

  45. john flores
    john flores
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  46. Yousif Ahmed
    Yousif Ahmed
    18 dagen geleden

    Mr pueen

  47. Yousif Ahmed
    Yousif Ahmed
    18 dagen geleden

    Mr c ueen

    19 dagen geleden

    i wanna name her milamis

  49. Herline Ford
    Herline Ford
    20 dagen geleden

    you should name her cherry

    21 dag geleden


  51. Samantha Hancock
    Samantha Hancock
    21 dag geleden

    This exactly what I was looking for, asked about on an older video! Thank you! I didn't understand where the wing queen and boys ants came from, vs the workers. 🐜👑 I think I was confused, and keep comparing them to what I learn from nature channels as a kid, about bees.🐝 I assumed they sometimes tried to fight, assinate, and take over.⚔️ *Thank you 🍬🐜🛡️🕳️👑🌹🍯🌺🗡️🌷🍯

  52. Valencia Scott
    Valencia Scott
    21 dag geleden

    Empress of rashes I made that up up its trash

  53. 22 dagen geleden

    The queen ant's name can be rebecca.

  54. Urijah Zayne
    Urijah Zayne
    23 dagen geleden

    Hope you get 10m you deserve it

  55. Moon Morgan
    Moon Morgan
    23 dagen geleden

    The male ant know has a drone dies shortly after it mates with a queen ant

  56. vixxie _demon potato
    vixxie _demon potato
    25 dagen geleden

    Can you name her honey plzz it-would mean so much to me

  57. TristanDJ2012
    25 dagen geleden

    Name the queen besty

  58. Kendall Morris
    Kendall Morris
    26 dagen geleden


  59. Kendall Morris
    Kendall Morris
    26 dagen geleden

    WAIT! Do Males ants technically mate with there sisters O-O

  60. Kendall Morris
    Kendall Morris
    26 dagen geleden

    The Carpenter ants in Washington DC USA are huge. If u want Giant ants then u should go there.

  61. Sainath _ Picturised Entomology
    Sainath _ Picturised Entomology
    27 dagen geleden

    Great great congratulations and great great much more praises to you dear , a real secrets of ant

  62. Da true doge god
    Da true doge god
    28 dagen geleden

    Queen= cherry Ants= siliva

    1. Da true doge god
      Da true doge god
      28 dagen geleden

      Ok maybe not the ants name but the queens should be cherry

    28 dagen geleden

    ants kiwi

  64. Kaiser Rodin Casumbal
    Kaiser Rodin Casumbal
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  65. Gina Laird
    Gina Laird
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  66. Cell phone
    Cell phone
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    Answer to question: the male ant dies after it mates

  67. River Wild-Hoffman
    River Wild-Hoffman
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  68. Julia David anderson
    Julia David anderson
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    her name is quenncovid

  69. Cartoon Cat
    Cartoon Cat
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    13:41 LOL- I burst out laughing as she dragged her XD

  70. Who asked
    Who asked
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    Thanks for making my last weekend great even when my throat was dry.

  71. Yinjie zhang
    Yinjie zhang
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    Cool ants I wish a had one too I never had one

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    Anthony Jr Delto
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    It good to be back at ants

  73. shweta khandelwal
    shweta khandelwal
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    or wood queen

  74. shweta khandelwal
    shweta khandelwal
    Maand geleden

    Queen of wood

  75. khup pu
    khup pu
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    it dies

  76. Mickey Tets
    Mickey Tets
    Maand geleden

    New subs here 😌 there are big ants nest in my backyard I used to kill but now I won't 😃

  77. Rain Justin Santos
    Rain Justin Santos
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    The male ant dies

  78. catdogbeefish
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  79. Jennifer McClain
    Jennifer McClain
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    😍😍😍😍ok yea

  80. koppsafe
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    her name is kushy

  81. gamerwithcode
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    go to 13:30 it is funny :)

  82. Emerson Bruns
    Emerson Bruns
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    The Queen is so cute 🥰 🥰🥰

  83. EdrianJustine
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    i would want to name the ant queen fire queen

  84. Praneel Sivasankar
    Praneel Sivasankar
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    i luv u

  85. Jonas Pfriem
    Jonas Pfriem
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    Ant alone at home

  86. Thache Photography
    Thache Photography
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    name for queen beauty

  87. Rose Rose
    Rose Rose
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    Woodlyn Empress or Queen Woodlyn..??🥲 (Sounds cute to me)

  88. rasul3390
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  89. Tiensha Gallagher
    Tiensha Gallagher
    Maand geleden

    Actually, it's kind of nice to know that a scar shows that you are the Queen.

  90. DatGuy
    Maand geleden

    1:25 this is like one of these terrible mobile add lol

  91. Addyson wilson
    Addyson wilson
    Maand geleden

    I think her name should be Bella

  92. BoxyBlox
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    hi guys

  93. Ernie Dela Pena
    Ernie Dela Pena
    Maand geleden

    she should be named queen celestia

  94. U Jary
    U Jary
    Maand geleden

    The queen name could be Lumberrela Woodna - since they are carpenters :D

  95. gilbert dichoso
    gilbert dichoso
    Maand geleden

    The Carionta Colony

  96. gilbert dichoso
    gilbert dichoso
    Maand geleden

    They are carpenter ants so we could name the Queen Carol!

  97. Zara Tagamolila
    Zara Tagamolila
    Maand geleden

    When u realize the ant you let your friend take home was a queen but it was too late because my friend accidentally microwaved it somehow 🤣😞

  98. hoe ass penis shovel
    hoe ass penis shovel
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    lmao this guy sounds so cutesy in the voice over

  99. Softieal-Roblox
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    This makes me wanna create an ant colony 😭

  100. Juliane Tapic
    Juliane Tapic
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    Hmmm how about Queen coant