The 'Amazing Race' of the Queen Ants | Day 7

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In nature, all queen ants are involved in an epic race, and today we see how 14 queen ants captured during their nuptial flight manage to rise to the challenge to raise their own ant colonies. It's a difficult, dangerous, and often sad road, but with success comes a glorious prize - a flourishing and thriving ant colony and survival in the wilderness! Hope you enjoy this week's episode, the third in the Rainforest Chronicles Series! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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  1. Definitely not a secret scp foundation agent
    Definitely not a secret scp foundation agent
    25 dagen geleden

    Tbh the best fate for that queen full of worms is you killing it quickly

    1. vegetable varrior
      vegetable varrior
      9 dagen geleden

      @Khalil Aljarad he's afraid he might get addicted

    2. ChillCannon Games
      ChillCannon Games
      11 dagen geleden

      The best fate for the queen woulda been being released outside where it could return to the natural order......

    3. Limit Break
      Limit Break
      11 dagen geleden

      @AntsCanada hey I need help im heartbroken the long stay hotel I live in right now has an ant colony somewhere in the walls, and they have been invading every little crumb and I’ve had to result to killing... and then more come from pheromones... I tried a trap.. it kill my heart having to kill ants... please help. Room is clean besides occasional crumb.

    4. Minh Ánh Lê
      Minh Ánh Lê
      15 dagen geleden

      U mean maggots not worms

    5. DootDootPerson
      15 dagen geleden

      @fallout boy h o w d a r e

  2. Titanic Big ship
    Titanic Big ship
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    Avery the Cuban-American

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    aaron meehan
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  4. aaron meehan
    aaron meehan
    13 uur geleden

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  5. aaron meehan
    aaron meehan
    13 uur geleden

    qeen suop

  6. aaron meehan
    aaron meehan
    13 uur geleden

    qeen soup

  7. Gwapo
    Dag geleden

    For some reason, I thought we were talking about Queen Elizabeth

  8. MrJojo2go
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    Ant Love forever!!! 👍🏾😷👍🏻🇨🇦🇵🇭🇺🇸

  9. Stauriko-Trap • 99 years and
    Stauriko-Trap • 99 years and
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  10. Mjay Fajardo
    Mjay Fajardo
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    I love ants but i hate geting bite by ants:(

  11. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
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  12. Gamerboy
    11 dagen geleden

    The queen feed the larve with yellow soup

  13. abraham van helsing
    abraham van helsing
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    guessing a parasidoid wasp those are crule and made charles darwin question a loving onipatent god

  14. Dantron2000_yt
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  15. gaming with Michael
    gaming with Michael
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    Kamisato Ayaka
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    Be a successful Ant Queen speedrun any %

  17. Antonio Lut
    Antonio Lut
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    what kinda species are these?

  18. willy González
    willy González
    12 dagen geleden

    Good race for queen ants

  19. JackTheSpaceMan
    13 dagen geleden

    ants are an intellegent civilization, they have farms, homes, they fight w a r s they defend themselves, they raise and take care of young shall i continue?

    1. Elisabeth sun
      Elisabeth sun
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  20. Demu
    13 dagen geleden

    I shouldn't have been eating

  21. Ryan Lastnameommited
    Ryan Lastnameommited
    14 dagen geleden

    for some reason i really struggle after the first brood, she will have 2-3 workers, lay about 6 more eggs, then the workers die off, and she follows suit, usually leaving eggs to die. she is in optipmal temp and using an open source nest similar to the ants canada setup.

  22. aziiqu
    14 dagen geleden

    bruh i laughed so hard when in the middle of the video came a pest control ad

  23. Paddy Peet
    Paddy Peet
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    I’m sorry I couldn’t sub when you told me to, I already am

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    Toby Lam
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  25. KeyRomance
    14 dagen geleden

    Dear Ants Canada, Thank you as always for the entertaining and informative Content ! If I may ask, I have watched a phenomenon with my Messer Barbarus Colony that I quite still don't fully understand. Sadly, my 2 year old Messer Queen was found dead in the arena for a reason I can't explain - My guess is that the workers pulled her around too much, because they were moving the queen quite around the weeks before I found her. Now here comes the funny part: even MONTHS after the queen died, I still saw fresh egg, larvae, and later some male ants in their nest - so far, the production of eggs and larvae has not stopped, even tho the queen is dead for around half a year by now. Is there a chance that the colony hatched a second queen ? I really can't explain this so far, would be glad if the community could give some explanation to this . Thank you in advance !!!

  26. :Sunset:
    14 dagen geleden

    I'm still confused on how I find this amusing when I am literally scared of ants irl- and I'm confused HOW HE ISN'T SCARED-

    1. Elisabeth sun
      Elisabeth sun
      10 dagen geleden

      I’m not

  27. Tom Blackfyre
    Tom Blackfyre
    14 dagen geleden

    SOOO it completely makes sense that in the MCU Hope Van Dyne AKA The Wasp felt as though she should have the suit and be Antwoman!… since Antman is useless except for shagging.

  28. Jaden Tonkin
    Jaden Tonkin
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    BBH comment here and say kill them all

  29. Little 1
    Little 1
    15 dagen geleden

    It’s not every mother that can produce food for herself and her younguns from her own body! That’s a super power right there.

  30. Inland Mist
    Inland Mist
    15 dagen geleden

    AntsCanada! I have neon red ants with BRIGHT yellow antenna and legs living in my fig tree. I don’t know what they are but they seem like they are eating my precious figs... They do act similarly to weaver ants but they have yet to make any visible colony (there are like five ants right now). I live in the US (Texas) just so you know that there are no weaver ants here. Do you know what they might be?

  31. animals and insects
    animals and insects
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    i really love the animal world, and i have made videos about animals, i really like your channel, you do very well, please do more videos, we support you very much, i wish you success, Hello ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  32. venturesomeScout
    15 dagen geleden

    lmao so male ants literally just exist to have sxx once and then die?

  33. cocketiel post
    cocketiel post
    16 dagen geleden

    Mother nature: nature is cruel and harsh Liberalism: lets dont follow nature laws

  34. Peter Hlapolosa
    Peter Hlapolosa
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    Good luck ants

  35. Apple
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    killed 4 queens today lol

  36. storm wolf
    storm wolf
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    Fing maggots I hate them they some how inflected my cat over night and we couldn't save her I still don't understand how they infected her over night and they weren't new born maggots either

  37. Oscar Baro
    Oscar Baro
    17 dagen geleden

    Great job on your vids i hope your doing good and you too AC family

    1. Oscar Baro
      Oscar Baro
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      And yes i did sub and SMASHED the like botton and hit the bell

  38. wol377
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    Once again, teasing something at the beginning and not delivering. As a long time fan, its upsetting that you are going back to these cheap clickbaity tactics.

  39. Nurrmoo06
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    A nutritious made soup

  40. the destroyer
    the destroyer
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    Ew maggots I think that there worse then flys and I hate flys 🤮

  41. fried _egg
    fried _egg
    17 dagen geleden

    Yo wait why the heck does he sound like that blue monster from Sesame Street- like that one who was also a “super hero” omg im getting flash backs

    1. fried _egg
      fried _egg
      17 dagen geleden

      wait why am I getting invested- this is pretty interesting ngl- the only time I actually watched a video about ants

  42. eliana alexa de la cruz
    eliana alexa de la cruz
    17 dagen geleden

    if i were i queen ant i would NOT be fertilized cuz imma just be protecting myself from other men that all just wanna mate😁

  43. Krish Notes
    Krish Notes
    17 dagen geleden

    Ants have superhuman strength. This is because of their small size, ants’ muscles have a greater cross-sectional area relative to their body size compared to larger animals. This means they can produce more force.

  44. Abel Klaver
    Abel Klaver
    18 dagen geleden

    Ant love!

  45. New Old
    New Old
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    dont capture them

  46. Radisfat 3rotar
    Radisfat 3rotar
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    Now thats one hell of a way to kill time

  47. Evant_2
    18 dagen geleden

    "I Immediately began throwing up in my mouth"

  48. Dfiveegg
    18 dagen geleden

    It made me cry about the queen ant the is gonna die long live the queen...😭😭😭😭

  49. Roy Boy
    Roy Boy
    18 dagen geleden

    i wood love a ant farm

  50. West Roman Empire
    West Roman Empire
    18 dagen geleden

    It's sad, but the really hard question is to either let the suffering continue for those queens or humanely end their suffering fastly.

  51. T Lamidiaux
    T Lamidiaux
    18 dagen geleden

    i love qween ants

  52. Sam Heinecke
    Sam Heinecke
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  53. Timothy Ryzkenkov
    Timothy Ryzkenkov
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  54. Timothy Ryzkenkov
    Timothy Ryzkenkov
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  56. Curlie Crurcher
    Curlie Crurcher
    18 dagen geleden

    During the process of them being in the tubes for two weeks in the dark do you feed them or they don't have to have a meal.

  57. glitched astronaut
    glitched astronaut
    18 dagen geleden

    Mold can come from anything like not cleaning your eggs and the queen not cleaning

    1. glitched astronaut
      glitched astronaut
      18 dagen geleden

      Always take a shower to not get mold like the first queen ant on the ant testers!!

  58. Little man
    Little man
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  59. Vincent Yang
    Vincent Yang
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    Thank you Antscanada for your amazing ant videos. I really needed it for my school work.

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    Edward Liu
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  61. Timothy Gesner
    Timothy Gesner
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    hhhhh I've been wanting AC hybrid nests for the longest time and it's my birthday in 9 days and I finally got a small budget to spend in the shop... and when I try to checkout, it asks me for 50€ of shipping fees (excluding the probably additionnal 50€ of customs upon delivery)

  65. bucky and picles the snakes
    bucky and picles the snakes
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  66. Duco Zeilstra
    Duco Zeilstra
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    Dear AC family I just got a new ant called: camponotus ligniperda it's a pretty big ant, so I was hoping to some advise from you guys. Like how fast eggs grow or when I feed them Thank you AC family for reading this and helping me

  67. Demona
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    Can u do an update for ur termites

  68. Popeye Puddin
    Popeye Puddin
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    i love A N T S (and they feed their larvae what you call Soup what is a mix of the queen's bodily fluids)

  69. K3NZU
    19 dagen geleden

    Hello AC! Love your videos, they're really interesting. Have you ever had a huge ant swarm taken place outside of enclosures, but inside your house?

  70. tanisha dotson
    tanisha dotson
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  71. OoxExotic
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  72. Ayaan Dadi
    Ayaan Dadi
    19 dagen geleden

    A queen ant feeds her larvae unfertilised eggs, which she lays specifically to feed them.

    1. Caroline Mutegi
      Caroline Mutegi
      18 dagen geleden


  73. Power Puppy
    Power Puppy
    19 dagen geleden

    Ant queen 1- died of fungi Ant queen 2 - died of unknown causes Ant queen 3 - died of worms bursting out of her bowels

  74. Kale Bob
    Kale Bob
    19 dagen geleden

    #Ac question she feeds her nanotics soup stored in her back which is made from her tissue?

  75. Kale Bob
    Kale Bob
    19 dagen geleden

    what does it mean when the queen has left the saftey of their burrow and entered the outside world

  76. anellenbach1
    19 dagen geleden

    the queen ant regurgitates a type of soup to feed to the larvae

  77. 19 dagen geleden

    Her soup

  78. Fake Imposter
    Fake Imposter
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  79. hollowgent
    19 dagen geleden

    So after starting an ant colony I purchased my native uk species and today was a lucky day there was a mating flight and I got my self 7 queens and saw and passed up so many more I'm so excited one marvelous thing I witnessed is the queen removing her wings !!! Sadly I wasn't quick enough to film it but just want to say thanks for all of ya content and thanks for sharing you're passion

  80. Anonymus 347
    Anonymus 347
    19 dagen geleden

    Ah yes, the “Weisheiten mit” Song

  81. Jwalker gaming master
    Jwalker gaming master
    19 dagen geleden

    My first an colony was killed by a big Wolf spider that got into my terrarium. I left for vacation and made sure they had lots of food and water. Came back and it was just that big wolf sitting in corner and everything was dead

  82. Cord Beckemeier
    Cord Beckemeier
    19 dagen geleden

    I myself have witnessed that parasite before in a carpenter ant I rescued from my pool. About a week or two goes by and the queen lying dead in the tube. Nothing odd, then I placed it on the table look away for a moment.. When I turn back around little parasitic worms crawling in all directions from her broken gaster.. blehhh

  83. yulang chen
    yulang chen
    19 dagen geleden

    Omg antscanda my brother found a wingless queen ant!🐜❤️

  84. Eric Dungo
    Eric Dungo
    19 dagen geleden

    A nuptial flight just happend in Philiphines now at 9:21am and I thouglt they were termits so I killeld 5 male and female alates and they were fire ants.

  85. dream
    19 dagen geleden


  86. pancakes 15
    pancakes 15
    19 dagen geleden

    Answer: a self made nutritious soup made out of there own body tissues

  87. Chippy The Chipmunk
    Chippy The Chipmunk
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    I sometimes eat cheese
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    Melinda Guevarra
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    Bryan Madriz
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    I mentioned it in the video with you capturing the Queen Ants, and you can see it in this one, some of those Queens had mites on them.

  93. Not a S̸i̸m̸p̸
    Not a S̸i̸m̸p̸
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    The frick what is the ugly thing eating the queen worm. Edit:I think I’m gonna have nightmares •-•

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    fattie ilagan
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    Jess L
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    I really gotta stop watching this when I'm eating.

    1. Cecilia
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      Indeed this is gory

    2. its_a_drawing_FISH
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  96. Jesse Korn
    Jesse Korn
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    Wow what a amazing video i love having a super stressful day in school and then finish my work and I get to relax and watch ants Canada keep it up love the vid 👍👍

  97. Gabby Bekkers
    Gabby Bekkers
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    While I enjoy watching these videos, I’m not a bug fan of ants being on or near me. As long as there’s some kind if wall between me and them, I’m ok. Love the videos though!

  98. Kate Thielen
    Kate Thielen
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    So wait did the mold one have that mold bloom from inside her??????

  99. Kyle Lee
    Kyle Lee
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    What happens if the queen ant eggs gets mixed? Will the queen adopt them? Or will they seperate them/kill them?

  100. Neon_devil
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    Where is the trapjaw queen?🤨🤨 Did she die? Oh jeez… But most likely at least 1 carpenter ant queen will be able to found a colony