We Discovered a Rare Ant

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I can't believe we made another novel discovery in our newly bought ant forest! In this episode, we fortify our new forest/ant paradise for the native ants in my area, applying permaculture principles to build a food forest. While doing so we finally hear back from my myrmecologist & ant taxonomist friend Dr. General regarding a mystery ant we collected last week. Turns out it was a new and rare find! Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
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  1. AntsCanada
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    Greetings, AC Family! Thanks so much for watching! I'm so excited to show you all that has happened, all I've discovered, and all I've done. If you enjoyed this episode, hope you could remember to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBCRIBE (hit the BELL and hit 'All' for Notifications Squad) and let me know what you think we should NAME the new ants we discovered in our new ant forest, as well as the wild population of BCAs! Ant love forever!

    1. Mathias Pedersen
      Mathias Pedersen
      Maand geleden

      Call the ants “The Night Crawlers”

    2. Plagg the camembert king
      Plagg the camembert king
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      COMMENT 500!

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    4. Japer
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      @4am He isn’t flexing. He’s sharing how he’s excited to help ants by building a house ment for ant colony’s.

    5. On Your Mark Lets Play!
      On Your Mark Lets Play!
      3 maanden geleden

      the black crazy ants should be called: dark dust

  2. Israel Faulkner
    Israel Faulkner
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    Stinky bois

  3. pH值-1
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    The finally of the video is really encouraging

  4. Ethan Stamp
    Ethan Stamp
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    Call them the tar

  5. Tenebris
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    Yo! I know this is a old episode but I'm catching up on this channel and I've noticed there were mites on the black crazy ants!

  6. Jonathan Brooks
    Jonathan Brooks
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    name them the sith

  7. Kate Cook
    Kate Cook
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    I think you should name them the water number's

  8. Kate Cook
    Kate Cook
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    What da flip

  9. Mateo Roman Santoso
    Mateo Roman Santoso
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    i never saw a queen ant in my life so i buyed one and now i am getting a trap jaws queen ant and a starter ant farm with a big ant farm for the later ant colony

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    Ants lol really boring but if you peel off the cover there so amazing and interesting

  13. Blu_ otaku
    Blu_ otaku
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    When this new land is ready to be seen, id love to visit. For phtography purposes.

  14. Hiba Tul Kafi
    Hiba Tul Kafi
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    i think you should name the black crazy ants the menacing black

  15. Gilberto the creep
    Gilberto the creep
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    And people say NLrock isn’t educational

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    you must not interference nature

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    wtf you bring your ant from canada to this place to get view then said we must protect native anhuh nonsense

  18. Anne Broom
    Anne Broom
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    I mean they have killer mites on them

  19. ThatMidwestGuy
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    Never been interested in ants,... and here I am unable to stop watching these AC videos. LOL

  20. jeremy schopp
    jeremy schopp
    21 dag geleden

    The black crazy ants should be called: The shadow knights or The Night killers or Black out.

  21. Raptozolt_Gaming
    23 dagen geleden

    The Black Plague

  22. BimNoah Tv!
    BimNoah Tv!
    26 dagen geleden

    Suggestion: The dark hunters.

  23. Emily
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    I think we should name those black crazy ants The black intruders

  24. Cool Yes
    Cool Yes
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    A name should be the black raiders

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    Hi ants Canad I Found a rare ant Two🙀

  28. Koji
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    If naming is still going on... I think The Black Plague fits best on multiple levels

  29. Jon bygden
    Jon bygden
    Maand geleden

    If you just stated that you discovered a new type of ant that no one ever knew was native there how do you know that the crazy ant are an invasive species? Also how do you know the other species is not an invasive species? If it took this long to discover how do you know it wasnt brought over

  30. Ne 10
    Ne 10
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    This guy's the best type of eccentric millionaire. 💚

  31. Matija Kovač
    Matija Kovač
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    Plz name theam the lurking terors

  32. 7xsnipes
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    Hey antCanada I’m selling a legendary blue ac for 12 bucks

  33. Attept3
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    i looked away for 2 seconds and now there's a house being built

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    gerelee gerelee
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  37. Paula Pope
    Paula Pope
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    Black crazy ant had a mite on its leg, so that colony is already in danger of disappearing, so may not be a threat for long. 2:11

  38. Maand geleden

    "Preparing to play god in 5 4 3 2 1 Advert: physics have left the chat

  39. Yaya Thio
    Yaya Thio
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    If u ever stop as youtuber. I hope u get hired by nature tv narrator

  40. Mathias Pedersen
    Mathias Pedersen
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    You should call the ants “ The Night Crawlers”

  41. 香風智乃
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    Went from a terrarium into a walk in forest terrarium

  42. Oliver Ng
    Oliver Ng
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    my garden is already a ant paridise

  43. wolfkid 14
    wolfkid 14
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    I say find the invasive ants home and destroy them

  44. Barbara Sharma
    Barbara Sharma
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    It is a bullet ant

  45. Jacob Poole
    Jacob Poole
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    It's a little late but the marauder legion for the crazy black ants

  46. Filip
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    What country is it btw? Definitely not Canada xD

  47. Marcos DeAnda
    Marcos DeAnda
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    The Crazy Invaders is what you should call the black crazy ants

  48. death is imminent
    death is imminent
    Maand geleden

    The crazy ants have blood sucking mites on them

  49. Fantasy_76
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    I'm 45 and I watch ant videos on you tube. never would have thought I'd be doing that when I was 20.

  50. Menelio Patapat
    Menelio Patapat
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    Call the crazy ants "ants in black" like men in black

  53. Onado Shinsuke
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    Cannibal tribe seems the same

  54. Emmanuel Cruzado
    Emmanuel Cruzado
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    I have a question 🙋🏻‍♂️, i dont know too much about ants and I have just stumbled into this channel and love the content because it is very informal and I love the suspense. What mqkes an invasive ant invasive?

  55. indio colectora
    indio colectora
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    Aboles de limon y chinas y acerola a las hormigas les encanta pues como tienen espinas y las aves no se las pueden comer...

  56. Memento Mori
    Memento Mori
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    Can anyone tell me what type of bird that is? 10:13

  57. shlumpyslinky
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    I know I’m far to late but you should’ve called the Black Crazy Ants “The Reapers” or something like that.

  58. Cheap Angler
    Cheap Angler
    2 maanden geleden

    Just curious how they know the meranoplus is native, if they didn't think it lived there. How do they determine its not invasive?

  59. Zane Grauel
    Zane Grauel
    2 maanden geleden

    This is just ash and the doctor is professor oak

  60. Fallenangel 85
    Fallenangel 85
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    Wait, you live on an island? So whatever you find is more saying something about your island than your country.

  61. Rathalos Studios
    Rathalos Studios
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    The black crazy ants name should be the Black Death because they have killed so many other ants out there

  62. Pasta Man
    Pasta Man
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    does this guy actually live in Canada? The plants and ants don't look familliar at all to me

    1. Aviation Guy
      Aviation Guy
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      He originated in canada. Hes in the phillipines

  63. Noah1 Egan3
    Noah1 Egan3
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    Why don't you find were there super nest is and spray there nest with water

  64. Shae Green
    Shae Green
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    I know that you have already named the black crazy ants but I think that we should call them the tiny trashbags

  65. Carbon No6
    Carbon No6
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    Hit them with about 4Kilo-tons of TNT 🧨!

  66. scott chew
    scott chew
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    U could have just filled the nest of invasive ants with water and they will drown .-. (Unless u want to do something else with them :P)

  67. Hole9017 Kaluza
    Hole9017 Kaluza
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    Wow that’s a cool thing

  68. QwaZy
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    the black crazy ants should be called "the death blossoms"

  69. Leigh Maynard
    Leigh Maynard
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    @AntsCanada apparently you can determine the gender of the ants by placing them in water. if they sink, they're agirl ant, & if they float, they're a boy ant. haha

  70. Fatih Cevik
    Fatih Cevik
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  78. _ DreadWing88
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  79. Xanadu
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    1. Aviation Guy
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      @Xanadu how you built diffent when you have diarrhea

    2. Xanadu
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      Shushhhh you know there’s blue ants in the Philippines and it’s very rare to find them 🗣🗣

    3. Xanadu
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    Jason Hugele
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    Nevaeh A
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    1. Nevaeh A
      Nevaeh A
      Maand geleden

      @dancingnature that’s super cool I have an avocado tree that’s grown about 3 1/2 ft. I’ve been wanting to start a mango tree but I was worried that it was a slow grower.

    2. dancingnature
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      Mangoes grow fast . I had one in a pot and it grew to over 7 ft in a few years and remember that this was a houseplant not in the ground in a place with 4 seasons .

  82. Gay Anime simp
    Gay Anime simp
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  83. See TZ
    See TZ
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    kurk plays Lawas
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  88. Cobra McCoy
    Cobra McCoy
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  89. JING TAN
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  90. lia
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    Idk Still don’t know
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    Ken Inter Gamer
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  100. Daveed Kruz
    Daveed Kruz
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