What Scientists Discovered About Mystery Ant # 555 | The Big Surprise Ending

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Wait for the big surprise ending. I finally got to the bottom of the secret identity and life of a mystery ant, tentatively named Ant # 555 from my yard. It was a species I hadn't seen before, and to our surprise, a taxonomist and myrmecologist Dr. General suspected that this ant we discovered in my yard was actually a new ant discovery. We just weren't sure if it was a new ant species we had discovered, or if the ant was just a new geographic sighting of Meranoplus bicolor, an already known species. This video finally makes the announcement as to what Dr. General found out about this Mystery Ant # 555. I also make a grand revelation by the end of the video. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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  1. AntsCanada
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    Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family! The big news is out! *BE SURE TO WAIT FOR THE SURPRISE ENDING of this episode!* Thanks so much for watching and if you enjoyed this episode, I’d be eternally grateful if you could remember to hit the LIKE button, SHARE the video, and SUBSCRIBE (Hit the BELL and select ALL for Notifications Squad). Ant love forever! QUESTION: So what should we name the ants?

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      Mysterious Cat
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      Please name it Time Stopping Ants (Jojo Refference) Because they stop when they see you

    3. Uri noreuG
      Uri noreuG
      4 maanden geleden

      Acfamilius is the best scientific ant name

    4. Ominor Brahim
      Ominor Brahim
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    Ryan Goodwin
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  5. °Ye1low.lemon°
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    if my science teacher shows this video for us to research on and make us interested on science, i would be born ready to take notes and study

  6. ezekiel ehmke
    ezekiel ehmke
    7 dagen geleden

    It was not till the end of the video during the closing remarks that I realized the pun in "plot twist"i believe this video to be foreshadowing of him expanding the ant topia

  7. Brandon Ngeow
    Brandon Ngeow
    8 dagen geleden

    my garden occasionally has these ants; they sometimes create ant nests like this. im quite sure that the ants in this vid are the same ones as in my garden

  8. KawaiiMinecrafter
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    Minions Tennant
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    Minions Tennant
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    Bo Jing
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    The Stich in Lilo and Stich is labelled specimen 6-2-6. And this one is 555 XD

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    Uno de Cien
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    Dude I came back to this channel after a few months I just 3 videos I realized why I left in the first place. A lot of clickbait, vague commentary and pointless result.

  16. HIGH
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    The names should be "The thorned crusaders" or "Crimson crusaders"

  18. Brink12Con1080p
    21 dag geleden

    I was thinking that, since they are ancient, being documented in the 1800's.. That a good and cool name for them would be "The Precursors". (Pre-Curse-ers)

    1. Brink12Con1080p
      21 dag geleden

      Oh nvm, I missed that long ago lmao

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    Me when you see a ant nest: SMACK why? Because I'm afraid a giant ant will come out because the holes are to big

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    ultra apple
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    Bristol Carney
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    Insane sport athletes
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    Blazifyer Playz
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      Blazifyer Playz
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      Blazifyer Playz
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    Diana Humbatova
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    Josh Cook
    Maand geleden

    Well thanks to your inspiration I am finally getting my first ant colony. To get me started I am going with Myrmica Rubra, the Red Ant native to UK. I cannot wait, armed with the knowledge and enthusiasm you have given me. Thanks man.

  45. © The Hatsune Miku that gets no audio ©
    © The Hatsune Miku that gets no audio ©
    Maand geleden

    Antscanada:This ant looks so cute Me:nu looks like it has armor

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    Person who interacts with YT
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