What the Queens of Different Ant Species Look Like

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With over 16,000 species of ants, you better believe that queen ants come in a many different shapes, sizes, colours, and lifestyles. This is a full list of my top 20 favourite queen ants on the planet! Do you agree with my picks? Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo

Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: www.alexanderwild.com

Also, thank you Antstore.net for the leafcutter ant fungus garden footage used from a previous episode on this channel. If you live in Germany visit their store location in Berlin or visit the shop online!

Polyrhachis cyaniventris queen - David Lubertazzi, www.antwiki.org/wiki/File:P_c...
Colobopsis nipponica - Minsoo Dong, antwiki.org/wiki/File:Colobop...
Polyrhachis bihamata - Steve Shattuck, www.antwiki.org/wiki/File:Pol...
Camponotus noveboracensis queen - Gary Alpert, www.antwiki.org/wiki/File:Cam...

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    AC Family, Happy Mother's Day to all and to your pet ants! Please remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL for Notificatons Squad) if you enjoyed this video! QUESTION: Which queen ant was your favourite? Did I miss any? Ant love forever!

    1. Pablo Freyre
      Pablo Freyre
      25 dagen geleden

      BBC c de o card

    2. giratina (finished)
      giratina (finished)
      Maand geleden

      I watch you on my iPad and I'm a big fan but I'm not signed in so I'm subscribing on my Samsung phone c:

    3. CATZrBEST
      Maand geleden

      My favorite ant queen is a honey pot ant queen

    4. rovelea fumar
      rovelea fumar
      2 maanden geleden

      I dont have a queen ant but i have a big heads ant

    5. rovelea fumar
      rovelea fumar
      2 maanden geleden

      I love your ant

  2. Ella Doge lover i luv youtubers
    Ella Doge lover i luv youtubers
    Dag geleden

    Do u like bees?

  3. Margrum
    4 dagen geleden

    The number 8 i hate it the holesss

  4. Rhiannon Free
    Rhiannon Free
    4 dagen geleden

    Australia! Bull Ants definitely pack a punch.

  5. Emerzon Salenga
    Emerzon Salenga
    5 dagen geleden

    My son was very happy to all those kinds of ants, and the most beautiful ant he saw was the fire ant. He really love your vid.

  6. Daniel Sales
    Daniel Sales
    5 dagen geleden

    Leaf cutter ants are called sauvas or iças here in brazil i see queens of leafcutter ants every Day IF a find one Who made With a male i Will give it tô you antscanada IF you want -Daniel

    6 dagen geleden

    My Top 1 Favorite Queen Ant is the weaver ant queen

  8. karthiklokey007 Lokey007
    karthiklokey007 Lokey007
    7 dagen geleden

    My home has 4 ant colony 🤣 ghost ants , fire ants, common black ant and giant ant

  9. Fill-up   well🔑key
    Fill-up well🔑key
    8 dagen geleden

    A Bugz Life 🐜.. nlrock.info/loft/video/Z6uAmIbZr86woJU

    8 dagen geleden

    Wow my ants got to ur top 4

  11. Hey knew you should react to come back Douglas
    Hey knew you should react to come back Douglas
    8 dagen geleden

    My aunt is allergic to 🐜

  12. Filipino Patriot
    Filipino Patriot
    8 dagen geleden

    I saw a queen ant on a local store, must be a weaver. There were more of them sadly I didn’t have a test tube for the queen

  13. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    I knew your grandfather started Chinese ant colony to try figure out how fix China its send all man back to his ant box

  14. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    If Florida all ants have Pawnee or war fighting posion each other

  15. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    In Pima west coast all ants have pima mole or its war

  16. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    In every nation Cherokee all ants in Cherokee land has 3 mole on cheek war if they don't have it

  17. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    Pima messiah ant white black pima mole

  18. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    Pima ant

  19. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    In human terms queen ant is a man with your birthmarks theres man ant to king

  20. David Simmons son of God
    David Simmons son of God
    9 dagen geleden

    In human terms queen ant is a man with your birthmarks theres man ant to king

  21. Noah Baldemoro
    Noah Baldemoro
    9 dagen geleden

    my favorite queen ants are probbably the fire ant queen

  22. Joko cahyo Santoso
    Joko cahyo Santoso
    9 dagen geleden

    Those number one was called semut angrang/semut rang-rang in my country The most savage and the most brutally colonies around my country I lived in Indonesia with tropical forest in every inches of my steps The biggest one of the colonies i've ever seen lived in my yard they controlled all trees mil away from the yard What an amazing deadliest colonies

  23. julia engert
    julia engert
    10 dagen geleden

    You can't tell me that number eight doesn't look like strawberry ants LOL

  24. scale luke
    scale luke
    11 dagen geleden

    Everyone: happy birthday mom :DDD ants canada: *happy birthday queen :DDD* *like WHAT?!*

    11 dagen geleden

    wow love it😍😍😍😍

  26. Mob 1262
    Mob 1262
    11 dagen geleden

    what about honey pots

  27. Adam Freeman
    Adam Freeman
    11 dagen geleden

    Fire Ants are actually an invasive species here in Texas. And I can attest to the fact that they are indeed pests. My grandmother owns a cattle ranch, and fire ants showed up many years ago, and killed off a lot of the other insects that used to be really common. There used to be tarantulas that were really common, but the fire ants killed them off, as well as drove off a lot of other native insects and lizards. Plus, the fire ant nests are huge and can be both an eyesore, and cause structural issues.

  28. A De
    A De
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  29. A De
    A De
    12 dagen geleden


  30. jesse rss
    jesse rss
    12 dagen geleden

    i only have1 messor colonie at the moment but i just bought 1 pheidole queen

  31. Caleb Conway
    Caleb Conway
    12 dagen geleden

    Hi AC are there any cool or lntersting ants that live in Arizona?

  32. Umaair Khan
    Umaair Khan
    13 dagen geleden

    I like the fire ant Queen

  33. hellsings alucard
    hellsings alucard
    13 dagen geleden

    I checked and nothing came

  34. maya sabiniano
    maya sabiniano
    13 dagen geleden

    I once have a ant colony but sadly died out becuase of my other ant pets that escape my ant farm it was a intense battle for both of my ants and the worst part of it all that BOTH QUEEN ANTS DIDED in the process meaning i dont have any ant pets left :(

  35. Eduardo Soares
    Eduardo Soares
    13 dagen geleden

    I live in Brazil

  36. Fucking Lesbian
    Fucking Lesbian
    13 dagen geleden

    Lmao yare yare daze

  37. Mark Lundall
    Mark Lundall
    14 dagen geleden

    I’m a and lover and Canada my favourite aunt is the fire ants

  38. hellsings alucard
    hellsings alucard
    14 dagen geleden

    Acfilming the ants in south africa Ant: KILL HIM

  39. carefree banana
    carefree banana
    14 dagen geleden

    came here to identify the queen ant i caught. i got carpenter ant 😆

  40. RV
    14 dagen geleden

    grabe ganda ng mga langam

  41. Pinky
    15 dagen geleden

    I am buying red harvester ants on the 10th sep 2021

  42. Your local asshole
    Your local asshole
    15 dagen geleden

    11:35 oh my god they look like strawberries!

  43. GANG
    15 dagen geleden

    I'm getting an army ant colony and army ants are also native in Canada where I live

  44. hellsings alucard
    hellsings alucard
    15 dagen geleden

    Ca tutje ca tu ca vin e ca ikin? 😂😂

    1. hellsings alucard
      hellsings alucard
      15 dagen geleden

      Its albanian

  45. Quizo Charmaine
    Quizo Charmaine
    16 dagen geleden

    I saw one weaver ant qeen befor

  46. Giorgio Mornato
    Giorgio Mornato
    16 dagen geleden

    There are 2222 comments

  47. raging nuesi
    raging nuesi
    16 dagen geleden

    Weaver ant

  48. BLOODKINGbro
    16 dagen geleden

    Mi'lady looks smol

  49. Green :O
    Green :O
    17 dagen geleden

    2:14 I thought he said the laziest ant queen lol

  50. 2J DestroDegr
    2J DestroDegr
    17 dagen geleden

    My favourite ants are the blue ants they're so beautiful

  51. Patrick Bryan
    Patrick Bryan
    17 dagen geleden

    i have to agree with all of these

  52. closet_nomster
    17 dagen geleden

    filipinos be like : 👁️👄👁️ 🪣

  53. Butter
    17 dagen geleden

    Interesting fact about bull ants, they can see up to 3 meters and if you disturb them they will hunt you down and sting you

  54. Joshua Gerardo
    Joshua Gerardo
    18 dagen geleden

    I didnt know u like bull dogs and bullet ants

  55. Joshua Gerardo
    Joshua Gerardo
    18 dagen geleden

    The bull dog ants its my fear

  56. Joshua Gerardo
    Joshua Gerardo
    18 dagen geleden

    My favorite army ant queen ist the eciton ant

  57. Joshua Gerardo
    Joshua Gerardo
    18 dagen geleden

    The bullet ant its the most largest and dangerous ants

  58. stranger on the interwebs
    stranger on the interwebs
    18 dagen geleden

    ant 😦

  59. Tina Willis
    Tina Willis
    18 dagen geleden

    any ant can be beautiful in someones eyes. . .especially if its there pet colony of them

  60. Moog lew
    Moog lew
    19 dagen geleden

    The Leafcutter queen looks like a final boss.

  61. Reid Goodwin
    Reid Goodwin
    19 dagen geleden

    it to late to reverse what we've done bye transporting fire ants around the world

  62. Kathryn Ryan
    Kathryn Ryan
    19 dagen geleden

    Leafcutters huh try empires of the undergrowth

  63. Paul Dixon
    Paul Dixon
    19 dagen geleden

    Dracula ants definitely deserved the spot here despite the fact that they run on a gamergater system.The way they suck ant blood with long mandibles and can wear war paint is just unique in the animal kingdom

  64. Raphael Kismarahardja
    Raphael Kismarahardja
    20 dagen geleden

    this is really cool and how do you differentiate a male alate and a female alate

  65. Evil Me
    Evil Me
    20 dagen geleden

    where is the flat head ant

  66. HIGH
    21 dag geleden

    I predicted weaver ant is number one lol

  67. Samantha Hancock
    Samantha Hancock
    22 dagen geleden

    I've always been confused about why some boy ant have wing like queens do, and some don't workers, and what the winged males and queen females do in the colony before the nuptial flights? 🐜👑

    1. Julia Slavova
      Julia Slavova
      21 dag geleden

      Well the queen will store alot of food to feed the larva and the males do nothing

  68. CYMRIC
    22 dagen geleden

    Here in my backyard we have Asian bullet ants

  69. lil duck
    lil duck
    22 dagen geleden

    I don't know if you cry over this but in Cambodia we eat we were ants queen in basically their eggs and workers

  70. lil duck
    lil duck
    22 dagen geleden

    Fun fact about me I actually got sting by an Asian bullet ants and to be honest it wasn't that bad it kind of hurt for 5 seconds and then it go away

  71. Paul Bialozor
    Paul Bialozor
    23 dagen geleden

    No offense to your number one pick but they seem more like Frankenstein Ants than whatever it was you called them. Seriously post a pic side by side with any Frankenstein and you'll see what I mean... LOL...

  72. Paul Bialozor
    Paul Bialozor
    23 dagen geleden

    Ok gotta say those Bullet Ants are scary, as in Nightmare on Elm Street Scary; before all the BS remakes and failed extensions for the movie they seem to call squeals, I do mean the original Freddy Movie SCARY. I've heard of them before as I tend to view random videos out of boredom but not until this video did I get a feel for how large they are; 3 inch Queens, ok done with Ants for TODAY... LOL... Keep up the great work....

  73. Mosens
    23 dagen geleden


    1. Mosens
      23 dagen geleden

      Army ant

    2. Mosens
      23 dagen geleden

      Bullet ant

    3. Mosens
      23 dagen geleden

      Bull ant

    4. Mosens
      23 dagen geleden

      Weaver ant

    5. Mosens
      23 dagen geleden

      Blue ant

  74. AkioGalaxies-Gacha
    24 dagen geleden

    Nooo! The Cute Ant Feeds On What I Have As A Pet! Nooooo! (I Have 104 Spiders Living In My House As Pets)

  75. OhThatsEpic
    25 dagen geleden

    Bull ant I have been bite by one bro

  76. Mike Ike
    Mike Ike
    26 dagen geleden

    He needs to find a special someone or he's going to be simping on ants for the rest of his life.

  77. Oliver Ng
    Oliver Ng
    27 dagen geleden

    My favourtot ants are weaver ants 100 persent

  78. Jeremy Michael Ng 1502049
    Jeremy Michael Ng 1502049
    27 dagen geleden

    My favorit ant is like Fire and army ants

  79. Mrówcza Chata
    Mrówcza Chata
    28 dagen geleden

    Pozdrawiam z PL 👍 😉

  80. ethan lam
    ethan lam
    29 dagen geleden

    I caught 6 queen ants but 2 died and I watched another 4

  81. Astrotholis
    Maand geleden

    despite my love and fasciation for all ants army ants and driver ants are honestly my favourite ant species

  82. John Mark Berces
    John Mark Berces
    Maand geleden

    My first queen ant died 😢

  83. Attila Ujvári
    Attila Ujvári
    Maand geleden

    20:21 Jojo reference much?

  84. Eli
    Maand geleden

    I’ve been stung by a bull ant

  85. Chipo Bvute
    Chipo Bvute
    Maand geleden

    Wow I didn't know my home continent had such cute ants go ants!!

  86. ☆Rem gaming☆
    ☆Rem gaming☆
    Maand geleden

    I do love Red antz those my fav and fiee ants😮😮😮😁😁😁😀😀😀

  87. Tank89
    Maand geleden

    Must admit some of them Queens we're beautiful never thought I'd have an Ant Colony though I'm considering it! 🙂😅

  88. jcy12
    Maand geleden

    I love ants because of this channel

  89. Drunken Retarded Unicorn
    Drunken Retarded Unicorn
    Maand geleden

    Is there a way you could help identify queen ants I have? I have 70 queens

  90. Hadi Zahran
    Hadi Zahran
    Maand geleden

    My favourite ant is Weaver ant

  91. Tiger's AdventureUK
    Tiger's AdventureUK
    Maand geleden

    wait did you say number 6 male alates mate with one of the worker ants??!?!?

  92. Tiger's AdventureUK
    Tiger's AdventureUK
    Maand geleden

    wait a min- i got scammed.. HARVESTER ANT QUEENS ARE RED?!?!?? also is it just me or the myrmica rubra stings don't hurt..

  93. ☆Rem gaming☆
    ☆Rem gaming☆
    Maand geleden

    I love fire ant but i spotted a fore queen ant and if im done of checking fire ant but i spot lot of firr ant queen but carpenter ant queen has major super major a late i love all antz!!!i love fire but woodlen worrius yep still love fire ant🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  94. Jennifer Maria Brocco
    Jennifer Maria Brocco
    Maand geleden

    I think the ants Canada ant channel is the coolest funniest name haha

  95. Stubbsy
    Maand geleden

    im raising black ant I dont know what type its from?

  96. Jay Bee
    Jay Bee
    Maand geleden

    jojo fans be like: yare yare daze

  97. Chewy Choo Choo
    Chewy Choo Choo
    Maand geleden

    When ants dig they like ant must dig

  98. tenkowal
    Maand geleden

    >Paraponera clatvata is the largest ant >Queen measures just under 3 inches long and kids are buying this bullshit ;(

  99. aryaman's best godzilla toy review
    aryaman's best godzilla toy review
    Maand geleden

    Oh oh dinosaur ant queen !

  100. Natalie Wright
    Natalie Wright
    Maand geleden

    I have only caught one queen ant in my life so far and it was the queen weaver ant!! But sadly it died after laying eggs..